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20 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Apple Cider This Fall

Cider-Baked Apples

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Upgrade the classic fall dessert: These cider-baked apples from Fork Knife Swoon are filled with nuts and spices and baked in a delectable sauce made of reduced cider. (P.S. Did you know apples are one of The Best Fruits for a Heart-Healthy Diet?)

Photo: Fork Knife Swoon

Apple Cider Smoothie

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Grab your blender: Yogurt lends creaminess to this apple cider smoothie from Dizzy Busy & Hungry. A hint of maple syrup adds sweetness, while spices warm up the flavor.

Photo: Dizzy Busy & Hungry

Apple Cider Waffles

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Photo: The Baker Chick

Apple Cider Mimosa

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Put an autumnal spin on your favorite brunch cocktail. This apple cider mimosa recipe from The Cookie Rookie couldn't be easier to make. It has just two ingredients: Cider and your favorite champagne. (For more bubbles, try one of 10 Sparkling Drinks Superior to Soda.)

Photo: The Cookie Rookie

Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder

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Slow-roasted meat makes for a perfect weekend meal. This cider-braised pork shoulder from Simply Scratch uses cider in the braising broth for a juicy result.

Photo: Simply Scratch

Fluffy Oat Apple Cider Pancakes with Whipped Coconut Cream

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Infuse flavor and fiber into your flapjacks. Will Frolic for Food's apple cider pancakes are made with cinnamon and cardamom and topped with a coconut cream. Even better, they're gluten-free, made with oat flour. 

Photo: Will Frolic For Food

Cider-Glazed Roasted Root Vegetables

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'Tis the season for parsnips and sweet potatoes! The Scrumptious Pumpkin's recipe for cider-glazed roasted root vegetables uses cider and herbs to coat your favorite fall vegetables. (Psst... Stock up on these 10 Fresh Veggies and Fruits to Pick Up at the Farmers Market This October.)

Photo: The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Seared Shrimp and Scallops in Apple Cider Cream Sauce

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Who knew cider and shellfish could be flavorful partners in crime? In this recipe for seared shrimp and scallops in apple cider cream sauce from My Bottomless Boyfriend, a sauce of cider, apples, cream, and herbs complement the seafood.

Photo: My Bottomless Boyfriend

Apple Cider-Braised Pearl Onions

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Pull out your heaviest skillet. These apple cider-braised pearl onions from Things I Made Today are caramelized in a cider glaze and feature the earthy flavor of fresh rosemary. The recipe was adapted from Vegetable Literacy.

Photo: Things I Made Today

Apple Cider Bourbon Slushies

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Sure, snow cones are typically a summer treat, but try this boozy, autumnal version. Spache the Spatula's apple cider bourbon slushies are complemented by cinnamon, sugar, and bitters. (Or whip up a Fresh Smoothie with Fall Fruits and Vegetables.)

Photo: Spache the Spatula

Slow-Simmered Hard Cider Corned Beef

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Brisket doesn't have to be slathered in BBQ sauce. This slow-simmered hard cider corned beef recipe from Carrie's Experimental Kitchen braises it in a mixture of hard and soft cider.

Photo: Carrie's Experimental Kitchen

Roasted Apple Cider Chicken

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Use cider to make juicy chicken. This roasted apple cider chicken from Teaspoon of Spice bakes in the oven with the flavor of apples, lemon, rosemary, and onions.

Photo: Teaspoon of Spice

Apple Cider and Butternut Squash Mac' and Cheese

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Comfort food doesn't have to be boring. Sagely Sweet's Apple Cider and Butternut Squash Mac' and Cheese supplements mac' with a creamy cider and squash purée. (Find out The Reason Comfort Food Makes You Feel Better.)

Photo: Sagely Sweet

Apple Cider Cranberry Sauce

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Enjoy this Thanksgiving-style side throughout the fall. This apple cider cranberry sauce from In Sock Monkey Slippers simmers for just seven minutes and calls for only four ingredients.

Photo: In Sock Monkey Slippers

Apple Cider-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

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Infuse flavor into your sprouts—these apple cider-glazed Brussels sprouts from Slim Pickin's Kitchen are sautéed in cider and tossed with bacon.

Photo: Slim Pickin's Kitchen

Apple Cider Chia Overnight Oats

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Have breakfast waiting for you when you wake up. These apple cider chia overnight oats from sit in the fridge while you sleep, melding with the flavor of cider, raisins, cinnamon, and creamy Greek yogurt. (We've got 10 Healthy Recipes for Freezer Meals too.)


Sausage and Mushrooms in Mustard and Cider

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Sweet cider is the perfect foil for sausage. Charlotte's Lively Kitchen's recipe for sausage and mushrooms in mustard and cider is a quick meal you can make on a Sunday, then freeze and eat later in the week. (If you can wait!)

Photo: Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

Balsamic Cider-Glazed Salmon with Rosemary

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Here's a new way to season your favorite fish. This Balsamic Cider-Glazed Salmon with Rosemary from My Kitchen Addiction is baked for about eight minutes in a flavorful sauce of cider, vinegar, and rosemary.

Photo: My Kitchen Addiction

Roasted Delicata Squash Bowls with Apple Cider Tahini Dressing

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Try a new take on squash. These roasted delicata squash bowls with apple cider tahini dressing from Connoisseurus Veg feature squash, quinoa, and kale drizzled with the flavors of cider, tahini, and spicy sriracha. Yum!(Say sayonara, salad! Try one of these 17 Creative Vegetarian Recipes Using Leafy Greens.)

Photo: Connoisseurus Veg

One-Bowl Apple Corn Muffins

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Baking doesn't have to be a huge mess: These One-Bowl Apple Corn Muffins from Real Food Whole Life are simple and jam-packed with apple flavor from cider, fresh apples, and applesauce.

Photo: Real Food Whole Life


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