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20 New Ways to Enjoy Green Tea

Spice Up Oatmeal

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Infuse your everyday oatmeal with a blast of antioxidants. Steep a green tea bag in boiling water, then mix your favorite instant oats in it and prepare as you normally would.

Dress Up Greens

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Give your salad an extra dose of green by mixing a teaspoon of matcha into your vinaigrette. Even better, make your own by whirling green tea powder with grapeseed oil, apple cider, or rice vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper. Your salad gets an extra tasty coating from matcha's signature essence.

Shake It Up

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Refuel after a workout with a green tea smoothie. Green tea powder, particularly Japanese matcha, blends easily with low-fat vanilla yogurt, banana, and a handful of frozen berries for an ice-cold shake.

Dunk Your Rice

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Ochazuke, a dish popular in Japan, is made by pouring hot green tea over cooked rice, then topping the bowl with savory ingredients like seaweed. The rice soaks up every drop so each mouthful is rich with the tea's nourishing properties. Its simplicity makes ochazuke an ideal meal when you’re short on time.

Cool Down

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For a sparkling thirst quencher, dissolve a teaspoon (or more!) of green tea powder into hot water, then stir in ice cubes and ginger ale. The liquid blend is an antioxidant powerhouse, perfect for a quick pick-me-up.

Zest Your Eggs

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Dr. Seuss got it right with Green Eggs and Ham. Mix a teaspoon of matcha with coarse sea salt and generously sprinkle the nutritious seasoning over poached or scrambled eggs.

Get Creative with Cookies

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Mix a heaping spoonful of green tea powder into your favorite cookie batter (try one of these healthy recipes). The quick and easy addition creates naturally green baked goods with a subtle earthy flavor.

Add Flair to Fish

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In a food processor, crush nuts (almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are good choices) with matcha powder, then roll a piece of fish in the crumbly mixture before baking. This healthy meal bursts with flavor and has a deliciously crunchy texture.

Sauté Loose Leaves

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Toss chopped veggies such as bell peppers or broccoli and whole-wheat noodles in a spicy combo of minced garlic, chili flakes, and a pinch of already-brewed green tea leaves. Cook in a wok over medium heat, ensuring the fragrant tea is fully absorbed in this heart-healthy dish.

Spike the Original

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Squeeze lemon juice into a brew of your favorite green tea, then add a sprig of fresh peppermint. These small but clever additions pack in plenty of tangy, minty zing.

Make a Marinade

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Steep several green tea bags in hot water, then thicken the liquid with a touch of honey, salt, and pepper. Smother mushrooms or cubes of tofu and beef in the catechin-rich marinade and cook as desired. Your food tastes better—and healthier—glazed in this naturally sweet, tea-fermented sauce.

Steam it Green

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Place boneless chicken thighs in a steamer, but instead of filling the pot with water, pour in brewed green tea. The cholesterol-fighting tea will suffuse each tender piece with a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Ice Your Cupcakes

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Two tablespoons of matcha powder in your favorite light buttercream frosting add vivid color to your cupcakes and impart a sweet, flowery taste to the decadent desserts.

Enrich Your Moo Juice

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Sure, the color might be off-putting, but mixing green tea with light soy milk makes for an incredibly refreshing drink. You can add either homemade brewed tea or green tea powder to the milk of your choice for a satisfying bevvie between meals.

Breakfast of Champions

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Use green tea soy milk to enhance the flavor of sweet breakfast foods like whole-wheat French toast. For a healthy twist, simply replace anything calling for milk with the creamy green concoction.

Add Pizzazz to Yogurt

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Greek yogurt is healthy on its own, but a scoop of green tea powder makes it an all-star breakfast option packed with protein and antioxidants. Top with honey, nuts, and fresh fruit for an even more nutrient-packed breakfast.

Brighten Baked Goods

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Instead of dusting condensed sugar over your freshly baked cakes, substitute it with green tea powder. The brightly colored powder serves as a quick, low-calorie option for livening up any baked good.

Fuse with Chocolate

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Melt pieces of bittersweet dark chocolate with green tea powder, then dip pieces of fruit into your homemade fondue. Since dark chocolate is also a good source of antioxidants (when eaten in moderation!), go ahead and indulge in this nearly guilt-free treat.

Stew Your Fruit

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Submerge whole pears or apples in green tea, adding brown sugar, honey, and spices for a sweeter taste. Allow the mixture to simmer until you're satisfied with the result—tender fruit permeated with a smoky green tea flavor.

Steep Your Eggs

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Boiled eggs absorb the essence of green tea very well. Soak peeled, hard-boiled eggs in a mixture of high-quality green tea and light soy sauce for several days. The longer you leave the eggs immersed, the more powerful the flavor. The tea eggs offer a protein-rich midday snack.


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