7 Cooking Secrets That Slash Time, Money, and Calories

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The idea that eating healthy has to cost more is totally a myth. Plan accordingly, and you won't have to break the bank buying seasonal fruits and vegetables or worry about them going to waste, says Brooke Alpert, R.D., and founder of B Nutritious, a private practice in New York City. In this week's healthy living checklist, we offer simple tips to eat well and shave time off your cooking, all the while putting your budget first.

To get started, check out the seven-step program below. Begin right before you buy groceries and apply one new tactic per day to overhaul your regular cooking routine. After one week, you'll notice planning ahead helps you maintain control of your diet. Adopt these tips for life-switch up the ingredients and experiment with recipes-to make cooking a fun, no-frills, affordable experience you'll grow to love.

Click to print the plan and keep it in your kitchen for easy reference.

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