Surgeons in the U.K. are pressing for safety labels on avocados due to an increase in ER visits caused by amateur chefs who aren't cutting the fruit properly.

By By Sophie Dweck
May 12, 2017
avocado injuries

What could be bad about avocados? They're the main ingredient in all of your favorite foods: guacamole, avocado toast, and even healthy desserts. Plus, they're rich in heart-healthy fats, can reduce your cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and even help you absorb more nutrients in your food. But apparently, avocados could also send you to the emergency room if you're not careful.

In today's weird but true news, surgeons in England are reporting that they've witnessed a large spike in people coming into the hospital after slicing their hand or finger while cutting and opening the fruit, reports The Times in London.

It's true that slicing around the avocado and removing the big pit can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing, and apparently, these amateur chefs are doing some serious damage to their hands in the process. Many of the cases that have been reported involved serious nerve and tendon injuries and intricate surgeries. Some patients have been so badly injured that they never regained full use of their hand. Eek.

So in an effort to warn people of these kitchen hazards the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons are calling for avocados to feature a safety label to prevent more frequent visits to the ER.

Doctors have dubbed these injuries "avocado hand," and it sounds like it's a bigger problem worldwide than you might imagine. More than 300 people in New Zealand have sued for compensation due to avocado-related injuries (yes, we just said that) in the last five years, The Times reported. And even Hollywood A-listers are not immune to the troublesome knife issue (you'd think they all have personal chefs, right?). Back in 2012, Meryl Streep had to receive stitches after an avocado mishap.

Docs are suggesting that the warning labels include the avoca-dos and avoca-don'ts-meaning, how to properly cut and de-pit the fruit. Still wondering what the proper technique really is? Follow these general guidelines for best results: Slice all the way around the length of the fruit and twist to separate the halves. Carefully, but forcefully land the blade in the center of the pit, and twist the fruit to remove. Guac on.