Baked Oatmeal Is the TikTok Breakfast Trend That's Basically Cake

TikTokers have found a hack for turning oats into a fluffy breakfast treat.

If you're ever at a loss for what to eat for breakfast, TikTok is sure to inspire you. The platform that helped bring mini pancake cereal, whipped coffee, and the wrap hack to light is filled with creative ideas. One of the latest TikTok breakfast crazes might seem like an unlikely trend at first. Baked oatmeal is having a moment. (

If you've always had oatmeal in the context of a stovetop creation topped with nuts and dried fruit, you might think it's a breakfast that's not worth your time. While oatmeal is known for being inexpensive and full of fiber, it doesn't exactly have a reputation for being the most drool-worthy meal. But the baked oatmeal trend turns the staple ingredient into something more exciting.

Scroll through #BakedOats posts on TikTok — which now have over 78 million views — and you'll see a ton of takes on baked oatmeal, ranging from strawberry cheesecake oats to carrot cake, to peanut butter chocolate. It's a gold mine for sweet breakfast lovers looking for something that's deceptively healthy. (In many cases, the recipes are light on the sweeteners or include protein-rich ingredients like cottage cheese or protein powder.)

The popular TikTok take on baked oatmeal is slightly different from baked oatmeal recipes you might've tried in the past. The videos suggest that the results come closer to a fluffy muffin-like texture than your average baked oatmeal square.

Here's why: The TikTok trend typically involves blending ingredients — usually, oats with a combo of common baking ingredients like baking soda and eggs — into a batter. Then, you add that batter along with any additional toppings to a pan and bake for 10 or so minutes. Since you're initially blending everything until smooth, you don't end up with chunky oats, and multiple TikTokers swear the end result is "like cake." Some creators have fully embraced the comparison by posting variations on the trend like Funfetti and birthday cake baked oats, complete with icing and sprinkles. (

This is an easy trend to get in on, whether you follow one of the recipes on TikTok or make up your own adaptation with the potential toppings you have in your kitchen. If you've written off oatmeal thinking that it's always mushy or bland, you now have a way to transform it into a tasty breakfast cake.

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