Google will walk you through your next recipe, step by step.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Hate heading to the computer to check every single step of a recipe? Same. But starting today, home cooks can get some high-tech help courtesy of Google Home's new feature that reads each step out loud to you as you cook. So no more cookie dough on your keyboard!

Once you find the recipe you want (there are about five million to choose from), you can send the recipe to your Google Home device, and it will walk you through it, step by step. Google will also answer any questions you have along the way. For instance, you can ask "Okay Google, what does sauté mean?" or "Okay Google, what is a substitute for butter?" or "How many grams of protein is in one serving?" or even "Okay Google, why does my milk smell funny?" (Or not. It can't solve every cooking problem.)

You can also ask your Google Home to play your favorite playlist or podcast while you cook-a great feature for people who are good at multitasking or who just want to listen to more than an automated voice. (More: How to Use Google Home to Hit Your Health Goals)

It's not just Google that's trying to make mealtime a little easier. If you have Amazon, Alexa can provide the same type of recipe services through As a bonus, Alexa will even read you the reviews so you can make adjustments on the fly. (There's nothing like reading a five-star review that starts "I love this recipe but only after changing every ingredient in it!")

These tools are a godsend for those tired of switching between browser tabs, trying to keep the phone from going to sleep mid-recipe, or dropping their phone in their pancake batter. Having a technological cooking assistant is pretty genius-kind of like having your mom helping you cook, except with 50 percent less judgment and no commentary about your life choices. (Maybe that will come in a later update?) "Okay, Google, what's for dinner?"

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