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5 Healthy Frozen Foods That Make Healthy Eating Easier

Five-Second Smoothies

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With Bright Greens Smoothie Shake-Ups, you don’t need a blender to make your morning shake. Add a little hot water to the cubes of blended fruits and veggies, shake, and sip. You can buy them at the supermarket or subscribe for regular deliveries. (Related: 12 Smoothie Swaps for People Who Hate Bananas) (From $5,

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Low-Effort Noodles

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Green Giant Veggie Spirals let you enjoy zucchini, butternut squash, carrot, and beet noodles without the lengthy prep work. Keep them in your freezer for a quick low-carb spaghetti swap anytime. (You can make these 5 veggie noodle recipes without even owning a spiralizer.) ($4;

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Fresh Herb Flavor Boosters

fresh herbs

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Add a bright finish to any dish with Simply Beyond Organic Fresh Frozen Herbs. They are washed, stemmed, chopped, and flash-frozen—and taste just like fresh. ($50 for 12;

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Better Than Beef

beyond meat beef crumbles meat alternative

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Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Crumbles are preseasoned and have the taste and protein power of beef, but they’re vegan and soy-free (the protein comes from peas). Use the “feisty” or “beefy” varieties to give quick hits of flavor to tacos, Bolognese, or chili. (Plus, one writer tried tons of meat alternatives, and ranked these as the best option.) ($7;

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Seafood Made Simple

healthy frozen fish fillets

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Use Love the Wild’s frozen fish fillet kits to make restaurant-worthy dishes in minutes. Just wrap the fillets and cubes of sauce in the parchment provided, and bake. Choose from flavors like red trout with salsa verde or salmon with coconut red curry. (from $9;

Photo: Love the Wild


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