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These Healthy Hot Sauce Recipes Are Next-Level Brilliant

Flavor Upgrades from Your Handbag

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Beyonce's Lemonade inspire you to tote a mini bottle in your purse? These next-level hot sauce tricks will teach you just how handy this condiment can be. If you've only ever drizzled it on top of your eggs or meat, you're seriously missing out on the out-of-the-bottle ways you can use it. And there's a health bonus: spicy foods may help speed up your metabolism and have even been linked to a longer lifespan, according to a BMJ study. What are you waiting for? Get pouring.

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Spice Up Your Salad Dressing

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This trick is as simple as adding a dash of your fave hot sauce to any old salad dressing. Feeling extra domestic? Whip up your own spicy salad topper, like this Sriracha Lime Salad Dressing.

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Give Your Cocktail a Kick

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Of course, you can go the bloody Mary route when combining hot sauce and booze (here are some epic bloody Mary recipes you need to try), but you can stir the sauce into other drinks too. Case in point: this Hittin' the Sauce Cocktail made with vodka, ginger liqueur, simple syrup, lime juice, hot sauce, and muddled blackberries. Sweet and spicy (and boozy) never tasted so good.

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Perk Up Your Popcorn

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Upgrade plain salted popcorn by drizzling it with some spice, like in this Tabasco and Honey Butter Popcorn recipe. (Or try other fancy popcorn flavors like Lemony Kale and Apple Pie.) Feeling lazy? You can just drizzle your favorite hot sauce on regular popcorn to add zero calories but tons of flavor.

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Marinade Your Meats

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Stop eatng boring chicken breasts—it's time to upgrade your protein with a heated marinade. This Spicy Buffalo Lime Chicken Marinade is made with hot sauce, lime juice, garlic, and olive oil for a healthy way to flavor your chicken like a wing (without the deep-fried calories).

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Make a Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Think hot chocolate only has one flavor profile: sweet? Think again. Try this pictured Aztec Hot Chocolate recipe that uses Instant coffee and ground chipotle chiles, or go the lazy-girl route and drizzle in a few drops of Tabasco into a your prepared hot cocoa mix to make a true Cocoa Loco.

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Stir It Into Soups

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Whether you want to add a kick to your basic chicken noodle, or whip up a spicy soup like this Buffalo Chicken Soup with Orzo, hot sauce can be the quick fix to make a basic can of soup anything but boring.

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Beef Up Your Burger Flavor

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You know how aggravating it is when you put a condiment on your burger and it absorbs into the bun unevenly, so you get some crazy-saturated bites and some with zero flavor? Yeah, #FirstWorldProblems. But guess what? Mixing hot sauce into your burger—like in this Asian Burger recipe—is the answer to all your problems. (Not a meat fan? Add into one of these creative veggie burgers.)

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Make a Spicy Mayo

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Mix hot sauce into your regular mayo to give it some extra flavor, or DIY a healthier version with Greek yogurt, like in this Sriracha Sauce recipe. (You can go beyond spicy mayo—try these other healthy mash-up sauces too.)

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Take Your Nuts to the Next Level

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You probably already know that nuts are a great healthy snack full of good fats. But you don't need to eat them plain—flavor with hot sauce, sriracha, and dried spices like in this Bufalo Spice Almonds recipe for a filling snack with tons of flavor.

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Go Savory (& Spicy!) With Your Morning Oatmeal

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If you haven't tried swapping your sweet oatmeal for savory, you're missing out on some tastebud-blowing combos. (Next up: 16 Savory Oatmeal Recipes You'll Flip For) Put your hot sauce to good use with some soy sauce, cashews, garlic, and a fried egg that turn oatmeal into more of a dinner than breakfast or dessert.

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Upgrade to Arrabiata

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Arrabiata literally translates to "angry" in Italian—and drizzling hot sauce into your regular pasta sauce is exactly what can take your bland pasta dinner to a fiesty level. Throw together your own, like this Homemade Arrabiata, or just add your favorite hot sauce to a jar of pre-made sauce.

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