These handy gadgets will get you excited to cook healthy meals at home.


Make healthy eating as easy and convenient as possible by stocking your kitchen with handy gadgets like a yogurt maker or salad chopper. Each of these 10 cool tools will get you excited to make wholesome, home-cooked meals, so you'll never have to fall back on fast food or frozen dinners again.

Garlic Peeler


Adding fresh garlic to your food provides an instant health boost. How? Garlic contains allicin, a compound credited with lowering cholesterol levels and fighting infections. This Williams-Sonoma Garlic Peeler ($9 at effortlessly peels whole cloves for you, making your job as a healthy chef simple!

Garlic Card


So you peeled the garlic cloves. Now what? Put this innovative Garlic Card ($5 at Chef's Resource) to work; the pocket-sized grater quickly minces garlic into tiny pieces, so you can slip a few cloves' worth into any healthy dish.



Eating fresh fruits and veggies is vital for a nutritious diet, but keeping produce fresh can present a challenge. Enter BluApple ($9.95 for a two-apple pack at a gadget that employs special technology to do the job. Produce stored in your fridge quickly spoils because of ethylene gas buildup. The BlueApple helps absorb gas and sustain the freshness of your real apples, oranges, and fruits!

Citrus Juicer


The Williams-Sonoma Chef'n Citrus Juicer ($19.95 at helps you sneak more vitamins and minerals into everything from cocktails to baked goods. An inverted press extracts every nutrient-packed drop from citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, and oranges, while a strainer retains the fiber-rich pulp.

Vegetable Steamer


Steamed foods are lower in calories and fat than their fried counterparts (and they're still full of flavor!). Nab the Williams-Sonoma OXO Vegetable Steamer ($23 at, and get used to steaming everything from veggies to pasta to eggs.

Salad Chopper


Salads always make a healthy lunch or dinner option, but chopping up a medley of ingredients becomes tedious and time-consuming. Armed with three different grips, Prepara's durable Salad Chopper ($7.99 at effectively shreds all your veggies in the bowl without risk of chipping your ceramic dishes.

Oil Mister


Cut out unnecessary fat from your diet by using the Williams-Sonoma Oil Mister ($15 at The tool gives you precise control over how much oil is used. Instead of drowning your cooking pan in excess oil, the mister will simply coat it in a fine spray, which is all you need!

EasiYo Starter Pack


Low-fat yogurt makes for a healthy and delicious breakfast, but many store-bought versions are loaded with sugar. The EasiYo Starter Pack ($39 at offers a 3-step system so you can whip up homemade yogurt full of calcium, probiotic cultures, and essential vitamins. Add your own fresh fruit or other healthy toppings like a handful of toasted almonds!

Quality Lunch Container


Toss your brown paper lunch bag and replace it with black + blum's Box Appetit ($22 at, which features a separate partition for sauce and an inner dish that allows you to microwave some foods while keeping others cold. A high-quality lunch container encourages healthy eating more than you think-you're much more likely to bring a home cooked meal to work if it's easily transportable.

Convenient Lunch Pot


Black + blum's Lunch Pot ($22 at offers another ingenious twist on the average lunch box. A watertight locking seal on both pots puts an end to annoying spills when you're toting soup, yogurt, or oatmeal to the office.

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