This Food Entrepreneur's Refreshing Eating Philosophy Will Guide You Toward a Better Relationship with Food

Tatiana Boncompagni believes eating should make you feel good physically and mentally, so she created a meal service that delivers energizing, happifying dishes to your door.

"The joy of embodiment is what I call the pleasure that our bodies offer us," says Tatiana Boncompagni, describing her inspiration for Eat Sunny, a meal service that delivers nutrient-packed dishes to give you positive energy to exercise and thrive. "Your meals and workouts should be pleasurable — you can have it both ways."

This is something Boncompagni, a certified trainer and holistic health coach, knows a lot about. As a child athlete, she grew up eating for both stamina and enjoyment. "My mom was ahead of her time. She fed us delicious vitamin-loaded smoothies and protein-filled breakfasts for muscle strength," she says. "From early on, I equated food with performance."

Boncompagni, who is equal parts foodie and fitness lover, is on a mission to spread that philosophy. Here, she breaks down her own eating habits and why nourishing yourself with wholesome food is a form of self-care.

Delivery meals are the new norm. What sets Eat Sunny apart?

"We follow the principles of fitness, nutrition, and the Mediterranean diet. I wanted Eat Sunny to check all the boxes: food that's convenient, delicious, and good for our bodies and the planet." (

The Food Philosophy That Guides This Meal Delivery Service Founder
Courtesy Tatiana Boncompagni

Have you always been into nutrition?

"I became a mom in my 20s and really threw myself into cooking straight from the garden and the farmers market. But when my kids were young, I was so busy and drank too much wine and ate poorly — not enough protein, too much snacking. It showed in my face and in my body. But transformation is possible. I'm a testament to that."

Now a day of eating looks like...?

"I have a big salad most days. I love kale, arugula, beets, chickpeas, white beans, and cold chicken. I eat a lot of egg white omelets, fish — especially omega 3–rich salmon and cod — oatmeal, and roasted veggies."

What's always on hand in the kitchen?

"Canned chickpeas — an easy and reliable source of protein and fiber. And red cabbage for giving great crunch to a salad."

And comfort food?

"Roasted vegetables are my comfort food, believe it or not. I'll roast a sheet pan of cauliflower with coconut oil and salt until they are browned and then eat the florets like french fries, dipping them in no-sugar-added ketchup."

What's your best eat-well advice?

"Focus on getting more from each bite — more flavor, more nutrition — rather than eating less. And remember that consistency matters. Your body craves what you feed it."

Do you have a food philosophy?

"We are hardwired to take pleasure from food. More spiritually speaking, the act of eating is a form of self-nourishment and an acknowledgment of one's worthiness. Eating well is the ultimate act of self-care. Food binds us to heaven above, the earth below, and one another. There's a reason why we think of food in terms of comfort and nurturing. Food is love."

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