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These Containers and Gadgets Will Change the Way You Meal Prep

Stack and Tote

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Take your noodles, rice, or soup wherever you're headed. This tote will stay upright in your bag, and once you've eaten you can put the smaller pot inside of the larger pot for easy transport. ($25;

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Cook Everything (At Once)

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This pan can keep your portions in check without you using half of your kitchen cabinet to make a meal. It's the best (and healthiest) way to expedite those scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. ($60;

Photo: Masterpan

Turn Up the Heat

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Make your oatmeal in the morning or reheat your noodle dish for lunchtime with this covered bowl. It's freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe, so no handicaps for prep here. ($8;

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Save Space

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These containers are fully nesting so prepping won't pose any storage issues in your cabinets. They're BPA-free too, and all set for going from the fridge to the microwave and into the dishwasher. ($25;

Photo: Joseph Joseph

Reuse Your Wrap

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Toss the boxes of plastic bags and opt for a resuable sandwich wrapper. Plus they're BPA-, pthalate-, and lead-free, so they're safe for both you and the environment. ($20;

Photo: U Conserve

Protect Your Banana

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The dreaded squashed banana is no more: Enter the Banana Bunker. It's flexible to accomodate the fruit without letting it get banged up in your gym bag. ($7;

Photo: Banana Bunker

Mark the Date

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Forget when you cooked those noodles that have been chilling in the fridge this week? Date all of your meal prep with this container lid, and never worry about your food being past its prime again. ($8;

Photo: Joseph Joseph

Bring a Bento

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It doesn't get more organized than a bento box, and this one can hold it all. Keep your hummus separated from your grapes or veggies until you're ready, and keep salad dressing in the convenient mini-cup inside. ($15;

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Zoodle Your Noodles

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A handheld spiralizer makes it easy to assemble your zucchini or other veggie noodles for week day lunch or dinners. The blades store all in one so you're not taking up much need drawer space. ($25;

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Square Off

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It's the lunchbox you've always wanted, with a glass-like lid and watertight seal, a sauce pot for dressings, and an inner container so you can microwave half the food and keep the other cool if needed. ($25;

Photo: Box Appetit

Lock It Down

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For a step up from cheapie plastic containers, use one of these glass lunch cubes with an airtight seal. They're scratch-, stain-, and odor-resistant. ($11;

Photo: Wean Green

Portion It Out

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For serious portion tracking, invest in color coded containers to sort out your daily servings of fruits and veggies. ($18;


Soup It Up

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Heat up your soup in the morning and it'll be just as warm when you sip at lunchtime—Hydroflask has staying power when it comes to temperature. ($35;

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