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What is a low carb diet? What are the benefits of a keto diet? Find answers to these and other questions about nutrition, healthy diets, supplements, and ingredients, plus the truth about the latest food trends.

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This M.D. Wants You to Eat More Broccoli Sprouts, But What Are They?

Broccoli sprouts pack tons of nutrition, including disease-fighting antioxidants. Here's everything you need to know about buying, storing, growing, and (the best part) eating 'em.
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Do Resveratrol Weight-Loss Supplements Really Work (and Are They Safe)?

You sip the antioxidant in sangiovese, but can resveratrol actually promote weight loss? Here's what you need to know about resveratrol supplements.
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The Best Staple Foods to Keep In Your Kitchen At All Times

While people stock up on toilet paper, meat, and frozen foods during the coronavirus outbreak, we asked dietitians to share the groceries they ~always~ have stocked at home. Use their lists to keep your fridge and pantry full.
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What Is the Endomorph Diet and Could It Do More Harm Than Good?

It's based on the idea of eating for your "body type," but is that legit or just a way of masking harmful stereotypes?