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10 Sriracha-Flavored Snacks for the Spicy Food Enthusiast

Rick's Picks Hotties Spicy Sriracha Pickle Chips

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Spice up your sandwich or burger with Rick's Picks Hotties Spicy Sriracha Pickly Chips ($7; The combination of tangy and spicy will blow your sandwich away. (We would top just about any of these 10 Filling Vegetarian Sandwiches with it!)

Photo: Rick's Picks

Blue Diamond's Sriracha Almonds

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The bolder the better when it comes to these easy to tote almonds ($4; Keep them in your desk drawer for when you need a little kick in the pants at work, or serve them as an appetizer at your next party with a mild cheese to cut the spice.

Photo: Blue Diamond

Pacific Superfood Snacks Lava Rock Sriracha Kale Chips

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These crunchy chips are the best combination of two things that will never get old: kale and sriracha. The vegan, raw, organic, and gluten-free snacks are handcrafted in Oregon, where 80 percent of their kale supply is grown ($6; Swap out your croutons and top a bland salad with some of these for extra flavor. 

Photo: Pacific Superfood Snacks

EPIC Chicken Sriracha Bar

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If you're grossed out by chalky, super-sweet protein bars, try this Epic bar ($30 for 12;, which is made from real chicken and natural spices (think of it like jerky). (It's a thing—Would You Eat Protein Bares Made of Animals and Bugs?)

Photo: EPIC Bar

Lundberg Farms Sriracha Rice Chips

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Whole-grain brown rice is used to make these crazy-good wheat-free Sriracha Rice Chips—the perfect sub-in for chips and salsa when you're craving something crunchy. ($3.49;

Photo: Lundberg Farms

Hapi Spicy Sriracha Peas

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Throw Hapi Spicy Sriracha Peas ($3; into your favorite trail mix for an added boost of spice. Lovers of wasabi peas will be all over these chili-garlic coated green peas.

Photo: Wegmans

Kettle Brand Sriracha Popcorn

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Munch away on this kicked-up sriracha popcorn ($3.79; during your next movie and we're certain you won't fall asleep, even if it turns out to be a snoozer! You can snack on about 3 cups for just 150 calories.

Photo: Kettle Brand

Dark Chocolate Sriracha Chocolate Bar

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The sweet and spicy combination of this dark chocolate bar is surprisingly good. Shave some on top of vanilla ice cream for a snappy addition to a traditional flavor. ($20 for 4;

Photo: Sugar Plum Chocolates

Graze Snacks' Spicy Thai Sriracha Crunch

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Get your weekly sriracha fix when you sign up for Graze snacks, a snack box subscription delivered right to your door. New single-serving packets ($7 for 4; arrive each week, but you can set your preferences, so the spicy and savory flavors hit your mailbox on the regular.

Photo: Graze Snacks

Hope Sriracha Hummus

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Just like you slather the classic sriracha sauce on everything, you can do the same with this hummus that brings the heat. At only 45 calories per serving, it's the perfect pair for crudités, as an addition to avocado toast, or as a sauce for steamy whole wheat pasta. You'll be addicted, we swear. ($4.50;

Photo: Hope Hummus


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