10 Ways to Enjoy Coffee without Having to Drink it

These healthy recipes will let you enjoy the aroma, flavor, and energizing perks of coffee all day long

Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Most of us can't imagine starting our morning off without a steaming cup of coffee. And as the crisp, cool days of fall get underway, the allure of the drink's deliciously dark, seductive aroma becomes just as enticing as our soft, cozy beds. Just sniffing the scent wafting through the kitchen is enough to perk up your senses and get you ready to face the day!

Even if a piping mug of java doesn't get you buzzin' in the morning, coffee can still bring a lot to the table-literally! From meat rubs to soups to one-minute dessert, the dynamism of coffee lets you add extra flair to any dish!


Brown Butter Espresso Chip Muffins

What goes together with chocolate better than coffee (well, besides peanut butter)? Infused with the essence of espresso and delicately topped with buttery oat flakes, these bites are perfect for a grab-and-go.

Coffee Banana Smoothie

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn't mean you need to give up your frozen drinks. This deliciously creamy smoothie (below) will not only perk up your senses, but also satisfy your sweet tooth without added sugar. Hello, paradise!


Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple

Coffee truly is the star of this dish! And pairing it with maple syrup in the sauce creates a beautiful fusion of bitter and sweet that we're loving!

Pow! Flavored Salt

Liven up your salt with the power of coffee! Perfect for adding the finishing touch on desserts and drinks, you'll be feeling a fabulous coffee buzz (or at least some sort of buzz) afterward.

Coffee BBQ Sauce

This sauce perfectly balances tangy and sweet, with a hint of coffee that simply teases the senses-perfect for giving a simple chicken or steak some added oomph.


Bean Chili with Walnuts and Chocolate

This coffee-laced chilli is sinfully delicious and the perfect remedy for warming you up on a chilly day (plus it's meat-free)!

Spiced Coffee Rubbed Steak

Simple. Easy. Devine. Rubbed down with the earthiness of coffee and the spiciness of cumin, this steak (below) masters both elements in a perfect blend.

Caramelized Coffee Spiced Chicken

This savory dish is quick and simple, using a single-origin coffee with sweet citrus and heady floral aromas, like Starbucks® Rwanda Rift Valley Single Origin Coffee, plays perfectly with the orange juice in the marinade!


Healthy Chocolate "Surprise" Truffles

The bitterness of the coffee bean encompassed by the sweetness of these healthy truffles (below) creates the perfect balance of flavors.

Coffee Cake in a Mug

With only 130 calories and a minute of your time, these super moist treats (pictured at top) are completely guilt-free and ready to enjoy in the blink of an eye.

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