Sick of matzo? These good-for-you swaps taste so good, you may never return to the bread-filled originals


Eating matzo is fun for a while (especially if you use these 10 Matzo Recipes That Make Passover More Exciting). But right around now (that would be day five, not that we're counting...), it starts to get a little tired-and Passover is just halfway over. So we rounded up the healthiest Passover-friendly alternatives to matzo and bread. In fact, these swaps are so simple and satisfying, you may forget to stop using them once the holiday is over.

Instead of Spaghetti, Try Zucchini


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If you don't have a spiralizer, just use a knife of vegetable peeler to slice your zucchini into thin, pasta-style ribbons. If you don't like zucchini, carrots and sweet potatoes also work-or just use spaghetti squash. For veggie spaghetti inspiration, check out these 12 Sensational Spiralized Veggie Recipes.

Instead of Lasagna, Try Eggplant


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No-noodle lasagnas (like this one) are lighter than the traditional Italian fare-and with the right sauce, the taste rivals the real thing too.

Instead of Tortilla Chips, Try Sweet Potatoes


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You can't exactly dip sweet potatoes into salsa, but you can use them to make killer nachos. Just slice them into rounds, bake them until they're soft, then top with your favorite nacho fixings-we like spiced ground turkey, jalapenos, salsa, and cheese. Pop them back in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and you're done.

Instead of Wraps, Try Collard Greens


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Collard greens are sturdy enough to hold your regular sandwich fixings without splitting or spilling when you bite in. You'll just need to de-vein and blanch the greens before wrapping to rid them of their slightly bigger flavor. For a starter recipe, try this Roasted Yam and Chipotle Black Beans wrap. (If you abstain from legumes on Passover, swap out the black beans for roasted chicken breast instead.)

Instead of Crackers, Try Cucumber Rounds


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This one could not be simpler. Slice your cucumbers then top them with whatever-hummus, cheese, a little smoked fish and cream cheese… They're way lighter, way lower-cal (so you can indulge in more toppings), and refreshing. Plus, no carb-bloat! Apples slices also work.

Instead of Rice, Try Cauliflower


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Not all Jews stay away from rice during Passover, but some do. If you're avoiding the grain, take a cue from Paleo-adherents and make a cauliflower version instead. It's super easy: Just grate your cauliflower, or pulse chunks in a food processor until it reaches your desired consistency. You can even use it to make risotto, like in this Mushroom Cauliflower Risotto recipe.

Instead of Oatmeal, Try Quinoa


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Again, there's some debate as to whether quinoa is truly kosher for Passover, so if you're super-strict you may want to skip this one. But for more lenient observers, a quinoa breakfast bowl like this Apples and Cinnamon one makes a great swap for the usual oatmeal.

Instead of Toast, Try Bell Pepper


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A thick slice of raw bell pepper provides all the crunch of toast (or matzo). And while you may not want to top it with jam or butter, bell peppers taste fantastic with a fried or sliced, hardboiled egg. (Or try these Breakfast Casserole Cups with Sausage and Pepper.)

Instead of Sandwich Bread, Try Lettuce


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We already mentioned collard greens, but less wrap-able leafy greens can stand in for your sandwich bread at lunchtime. We make it really easy for you with this Wrap Sheet: Your Guide to Satisfying Green Wraps.

Instead of Buns, Try Portobello Mushrooms


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You've probably heard of using Portobello mushrooms in a sandwich, but you can also use them as the bread. Just bake and fill with anything-guac, veggies, even a turkey burger. But these can get a little messy, so you may want to eat with a knife and fork.

Instead of Cookies, Try Meringue


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Meringues feel indulgent, but they're actually pretty diet-friendly-after all, they're just egg whites and a touch of sugar. These foolproof Peppermint Meringues are just 9 calories each!