No one else understands the meaning of "hangry" quite like you

By Lauren Mazzo

1. The single reason you get out of bed in the morning? Food.

Those people who say "I forgot to eat breakfast" are like another species to you.

2. And then the rest of your day involves counting down the minutes until you eat again.

Is it time to eat again? (P.S. This is probably the reason you're always hungry after breakfast.)

3. You refuse to pick a favorite food.

Mostly because you love them all and also because you don't want to play favorites.

4. You keep snacks on you all the time.

You never know when the hanger will strike. But, no, they're not for sharing.

5. Because, really, no one understands your level of hanger.

The world could end. You were warned. (At least studies show hungry people make better life decisions.)

6. If someone asks to have some of your food? LOL.

And if you willingly share with them, that means you love basically more than life itself. They should consider themselves in the top tier of all your acquaintances.

7. And god forbid someone touches your food without asking....

Don't. Even. Think. About It.

8. As soon as someone mentions snacks or lunch or dinner or dessert, you're the first one on board.

Did we just eat a few minutes ago? Oh well! I found room in my stomach! (OK, but are you really, truly hungry? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions.)

9. And, actually, the only plans you make with people involve food of some sort.

What do you mean just drinks?

10. The idea of refusing food or saying "I'm not hungry" is utterly foreign to you.

What does that even mean?!?!

11. Staying at other people's houses is the worst.

You have to be polite and not eat every single thing in their kitchen but you really, really want to.

12. When you house a giant meal and people ask where you put it, you just shrug.

Maybe make some joke about wishing it went to your boobs. But actually, you worry a little about the fact that you can fit so much in your stomach. (Here's info on whether those huge binges are actually that bad for you.)

13. And you've probably grabbed some sort of snack at some point while reading this article.

No shame.

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