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15 Hemp Products for a Healthy 4/20

Nature's Path Hemp Granola

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Not only does this granola taste delicious, but the flax and hemp seeds deliver a bowl full of healthy omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. ($5;

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Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Yogurt

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Skip the dairy but not the protein with this cup that still packs 10 grams. ($2;

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Demeter Fragrances Cologne Spray in Cannabis Flower

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No, you won't smell like a college dorm room. The cannibis flower actually has a slightly floral, slightly spicy smell, offering a complicated and pleasant fragrance. ($20;

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Hempy's Hemp Love Artisan Chocolate

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These bars may be vegan, but their enticing flavor combos—like candied hemp with cinnamon salt, lavender salt, or mint—promise anything but a bland bite. ($6;


Hemp Hearts Hemp Seeds

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These little seeds give you the complete nutritional power of hemp with their blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, high fiber content, quality amino acid profile, and high magnesium levels. One of our favorite ways to use them? Toss them in a smoothie to add a nutrition boost (they're one of our 14 Super Smoothie Boosters.) ($3;

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Daily Greens Hemp Infused Milk

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Thanks to the hemp seeds, this drink has the texture of milk without any of the casein or lactose allergens. And between the blue-green algae, coconut nectar, pink himalayan salt, and Brazilian superfruit camu camu, this drink is a powerhouse of nutrients. ($9;

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OYIN Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner

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With all those fatty acids, hemp does wonders in hydrating your hair. Plus, this conditioner also incorporates silk protein and aloe vera gel to give your locks a gorgeous shine. ($14;

Photo: OYIN Handmade

Free Bread Gluten Free Sorghum, Sweet Rice and Hemp Seed Milk Bread

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Hemp is gluten-free, making it a great base for bread that celiac's can enjoy. Free Bread combines the seed with water to make a milk alernative for a tasty slice. ($4;

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Rawpothecary Heavenly Hemp Milk

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Not only is this drink nut- and dairy-free (not to mention delicious!), but the protein powerhouse contains 20 amino acids, including the complete nine essentials. (What does that mean? Ask the Diet Doctor: Essential Amino Acids.) ($9;

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Evo Hemp Bars

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Upgrade your typical granola bar with these plant-based protein varieties. ($2.79;

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The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter

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This body butter will hydrate your driest areas. But, despite the oily hemp base, the lotion dries quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy—just silky smooth! ($20;

Photo: The Body Shop

Peace Cereal Maple Buckwheat Hemp

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Hemp seeds give this cereal a nutty taste, while maple syrup adds a hint of sweetness. ($5;

Photo: Peace Cereal

Hempz Original Herbal Sugar Body Scrub

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This hemp-crazy line blends hydrating hemp seed oil with sugar crystals, a natural exfoliant. The result? An all-natural polish to gently rub away dull, rough skin. ($18; (Love this product? Check out 7 Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work.)

Photo: Hempz

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar

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Made from hemp oil and soy-derived Vitamin E, this matte pigment will keep your lips just as nourished as plain balm does all day. ($18;

Photo: Nordstrom

Lundberg Organic Hemp-a-Licious Rice Cake

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These rice cakes are enhanced with hemp seeds for a stronger flavor and more powerful nutrition profile. ($4;

Photo: Lundberg


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