Enjoy your vegetables with this superfood-filled smoothie bowl.

Deep red fruits and veggies combine to make a beet and berry smoothie bowl recipe that's basically edible art-and it's as tasty as it is gorgeous. But don't let the pretty-as-punch exterior fool you. This smoothie bowl is jam-packed with nutrient-dense foods that will boost your immune system, give you energy all day, and even help you recover faster from that lunchtime workout you're now going to sneak in (because you'll just feel that good after eating it).

The secret behind this power smoothie is the complementary mix of superfoods. The fiber in the berries and chia seeds will keep you full, the natural sugars in the fruit and honey will give you energy, and the antioxidants in the greens will protect you from germs. (If your immune system needs an even bigger boost, you should try this smoothie bowl too.) Top with bee pollen to help prevent allergies and buckwheat and hemp for a tasty crunch along with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus, the star ingredient, beets, has superpowers in the gym, boosting muscle power by 13 percent and significantly reducing recovery time after a tough workout, according to a study published in Circulation.

Ready to try it? Fire up your blender and make this beet and berry smoothie bowl, courtesy of With Food and Love. Bonus: It's raw and vegan, meaning anyone can enjoy it. (Want more ways to sneak veggies into your smoothie? This carrot cake smoothie bowl is almost too good to be true.)