Find out where your favorite Halloween candies fall on this list, plus some healthier alternatives to try out this season.

Updated: October 30, 2014
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The scariest part of Halloween isn't the ghoulish masks and the sexualized costume choices for young girls-it's the candy. In fact, your kid's trick-or-treat bag could have 4,800 calories, 3 cups of sugar, and 1.5 cups of fat, according to new stats from Loyola Medicine. (Gasp.)

Of course, you can't blame Halloween for epidemics like obesity or diabetes-in children or adults-but those numbers do add up to one unhealthy night, especially considering Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday eating season. That's why we dug in to find out how many calories you're really gobbling up each time you reach for the treat bucket. Here, the worst offenders, some better choices, and some snacks that are a safer bet if you're on the hunt for a healthy spin this holiday season.

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Calorie-Packed Candies

  • Kit Kat, Snack Size: 210 calories
  • Candy Corn, 1 ounce: 150 calories
  • Twix, Fun Size: 125 calories
  • Junior Mints, 1 ounce: 120 calories
  • Nerds, 1 ounce: 113 calories
  • Twizzlers, 1 ounce: 101 calories
  • Butterfinger, Fun Size: 100 calories
  • Reese's, Snack Size: 90 calories
  • M&Ms, Fun Size: 90 calories (peanut); 70 calories (plain)
  • Snickers, Fun Size: 80 calories
  • Crunch, Fun Size: 60 calories

Better(ish) Treats

  • Dum-Dum Pops: 27 calories per piece
  • Hershey's Kisses: 22 calories per piece
  • Butterscotch Candy: 21 calories per piece
  • Dubble Bubble: 20 calories per piece
  • Starburst: 20 calories per piece

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Sweets to Give and Enjoy

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