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The Best-Tasting Fish Oil Supplements


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Who says gummy supplements are just for kids? These Country Life Omega Surge Gummies ($10.49 at are for the fish-oil lover who can't quite swallow a pill or drink an emulsified serum. Just chew two per day as a supplement.

Chewy Candy

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Borba's Smart & Sexy Omega-3 Bursts ($14.99 at totally reminds us of Starburst chewing candy. These delectable treats are jam-packed with 133 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. Each 25 calorie supplement is formulated with encapsulated fish oil for the most delicious flavor with no unpleasant aftertaste or burps.


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Dr. Barry Sears, one of the leading experts in the field of hormonal responses induced by diet and creator of the Zone Diet, says you should make a habit of taking high-purity fish oil because it's the key to reducing cellular inflammation and increasing your intake of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. For starters, you can try Zone EicoRx Fish Oil in capsule form ($61.95 at We say it's the "best tasting" because you won't taste it at all if you swallow it in an instant.

Taking this will help you burn fat faster, reduce inflammation within fat cells, minimize the spread of inflammation to other organs to support the body's defense against chronic disease, enhance the body's innate anti-inflammatory responses while slowing the aging process, and satisfy hunger.

Like Water

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Omega Water ($1.99 at Wegmans, Duane Reade, and more) is a sugar-free, zero calorie water that provides 100 mg of Omega-3 EPA/DHA per bottle and is fortified with 6 essential daily vitamins, including 100 percent or more of your suggested daily value of vitamins C, E, B6, and B12. The nutrient-packed drink comes in a variety of flavors, including Lemon Squeeze, Orange Splash, Berry Breeze, and Fruit Fusion.

Chewable Tablets

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Like candy, these Mason Naturals Cod Liver Oil with Vitamins A, C, D Chewable Tablets ($5.99 for 2 bottles at are also a great dietary supplement. Just chew one daily—and it tastes like orange.

Emulsified Liquid

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This Twinlab Omega-3 Emulsified Liquid ($8.84 at is almost like a shot. All you need is one tablespoon per day.

Pouched Squeezes

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If you're on-the-go and need your fish oil supplement, Coromega Squeezes ($44.99 for a box of 90 squeezes at might be the perfect option for you. It comes in delicious flavors, such as Tropical Orange and Lemon Lime, and contains the daily recommended dose of omega-3 (650 mg) in just one pouch—with no fishy aftertaste!


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