After a successful market test in St. Louis, the fast-food chain plans to bring the vegan Whopper to menus across the U.S.

By Julia Guerra
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Attention all herbivores (and any carnivorous eaters who enjoy the occasional vegan option): Burger King is doing the impossible—burger, that is. The fast-food chain recently announced that it's partnering with Impossible Foods to test a vegan Impossible Whopper in St. Louis, Missouri, and if all goes well, it's looking like plant-based eaters will soon have it their way, too. (Related: NYC's Momofuku Nishi Serves a Meat-Free "Impossible Burger")

While it might seem a little suspect that the fast-food restaurant announced this news on April Fool's Day, Burger King's vegan burger is no joke. (FYI, a BK spokesperson confirmed to Mashable via email that "this is a real market test.")

The only prank that the burger joint played in the spirit of the sneaky holiday took place back in March, when traditional Whopper orders were swapped for Impossible Whoppers, unbeknownst to customers. Burger King uploaded a video of the prank to its official YouTube channel, and based on the footage, it seems like even self-proclaimed beef connoisseurs can't tell the difference between a regular Whopper and the Impossible Burger.

Turns out, that market test in St. Louis has been going pretty well: On Monday, April 29, Burger King announced that it plans to test the Impossible Whopper in several more U.S. locations, "with the intention of nationwide distribution by end of year," according to USA Today.

Apparently, the vegan burger is attracting tons of new BK customers, many of whom find it "really difficult to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the original Whopper," Chris Finazzo, president of Burger King's North American operations, told the Chicago Tribune.

While it's not immediately clear which Burger King locations will get to test the vegan Whopper next (or when, exactly, that might happen), the positive customer feedback thus far means that the Impossible Whopper could soon join the ranks of other plant-based fast-food orders like White Castle's Impossible Burger sliders, Carl Jr.'s Beyond Burger, and more.

For now, the Impossible Whopper is available across 59 Burger King locations in St. Louis, Missouri, according to a press release. (Related: These Spicy, Savory Veggie Burgers Are Anything But Boring)

This announcement comes just a few months after Impossible Foods introduced a new version of its Impossible Burger at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. To make the meatless patty feel and taste more like beef, the new recipe is a combination of coconut oil, sunflower oil, potato protein, soy protein, is gluten-free, and has less salt and fat than the original burger, according to CNN.

If you're wondering whether the Impossible Whopper might be a "healthier" alternative to the traditional Whopper, we do know that the vegan version is slated to have the same amount of protein as its beefy counterpart, but with 15 percent less fat and 90 percent less cholesterol, according to The New York Times. Still, the sandwich is "a flame-grilled, plant-based patty topped with freshly sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun," according to its official press release. Translation: The burger delivers all the same fixings and flavor as the original, minus the meat. (Related: My Search for the Best Veggie Burger and Meat Alternatives Money Can Buy)

Overall, should the partnership between Burger King and Impossible Foods go through, it would be a pretty huge deal for both parties. Note that Burger King will be charging a dollar extra for an Impossible patty over the OG Whopper and that the creamy mayo on the menu is not vegan, so if you're strictly plant-based, just be advised you'll have to order without.



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