No dissolving in water necessary—just open the package and pour directly into your mouth.

By Renee Cherry

If your supplement MO is fruit-flavored gummy vitamins or no vitamins at all, you might wanna reconsider. Customizable vitamin brand Care/of just launched a new line of "quick sticks" that will leave you feeling nostalgic thanks to their resemblance to childhood candy Pixy Stix. Unlike other powdered supplements, you eat these straight from the package instead of dissolving them in liquid (think collagen powder in coffee). (Related: Why This Dietitian Is Changing Her View On Supplements)

The sticks are meant to provide an on-the-go "extra health boost" and come in five varieties, according to a Care/of press release. "Pocket Protector" contains a blend of probiotics for immune system support and tastes like red berries. "Gut Check" contains probiotics for healthy digestion and taste like blueberries. Orange-flavored "Extra Batteries," combines citicoline (which has been shown to improve memory) with caffeine and vitamin B12 for energy. "Dream Team" has melatonin for sleep and tastes like mixed berries. "Chill Factor," which has yet to be released, will contain GABA, chamomile extract, lemon balm extract, and passion flower extract to be calming and provide a positive mood boost. Each powder is vegetarian, non-GMO, and gluten-free. And, FYI, the sweetness comes from sugar alcohols. They ring in at $5 for a pack of five.

If you haven't jumped on the nutrition supplement train simply because you don't want to cart around a pill bottle, these powder boosts are a genius, lightweight solution for a way to get your vitamins. Pack a single "Dream Team" stick next time you have a long flight ahead of you. Don't have time to hit up a coffee shop midafternoon, but need to be alert for a HIIT class? Down an "Extra Batteries," which has 85 mg of caffeine; comparable to a cup of coffee.

These sticks are joining a quickly growing space of accessible, easy-to-digest vitamins. Care/of also offers personalized vitamins packs based on a quiz you take on the brand's website. Based on the results, you'll get a monthly shipment of supplements tailored to your needs.

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