Iowans have been particularly unlucky.

By Renee Cherry
March 08, 2018

Put down that chicken salad wrap. Today, the CDC posted an update about the recent salmonella outbreak, reporting that an additional 105 people have become ill since its last update on February 22-that was just two weeks ago. Since then, Indiana and South Dakota have joined Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Texas for the line-up for states with people who have been affected. The total number of cases has grown to 170, with 149 occurring in Iowa alone. (Related: DNA Testing Finds That Subway Chicken Is Half Chicken and Half Something Else)

ICYMI, on February 21, Triple T Specialty Meats recalled its chicken salad products produced from January 2 through February 7 of this year after the Iowa Department of Public Health determined a link between the products and cases of salmonella. Triple T's premade chicken salad products are sold at Fairway grocery stores. The CDC attributes the number of new cases to a gap between when people become sick and when they notify the agency. "Illnesses that occurred after February 12, 2018, might not yet be reported due to the time it takes between when a person becomes ill and when the illness is reported. This takes an average of two to four weeks," the CDC stated in its report.

If you've never experienced salmonella poisoning before, consider yourself lucky. It's no quick and painless bug. Salmonella usually causes diarrhea, fever, and cramps for four to seven days, according to the CDC. And the issue can often lead to hospitalization-the current count for this outbreak has reached 62, according to the report. (Here's how you can tell whether you have a stomach virus or food poisoning.)