Mindful eating is the secret to *really* enjoying your food.

Be honest. How often have you looked forward to a delicious meal, only to rush through it without even really enjoying it? We've all been there, and we can all benefit from mindful eating, a.k.a. the act of truly paying attention to what you're eating, when, and why.

Ladies of London star Julie Montagu (a.k.a. nutrition and yoga teacher and The Flexi Foodie) is here to explain how a mindful approach to eating can actually improve your habits and behavior around food. By being more aware of your body's signals (such as when you're truly full or if a certain food doesn't sit well), you'll end up feeling a lot better in the long run. This means less overeating and more awareness of your body.

The exercise begins at the table once you have prepared your meal and seated yourself to eat.

How to Eat Mindfully

  1. Ensure that the room is silent and free from distractions-no television, no computers, and no smartphones.
  2. Feel free to begin eating whenever you like, but ensure that you do so slowly. Be aware of every piece of food that you move from the plate to your mouth. Recognize that there is no need to rush and that you have the time to savor and enjoy every taste.
  3. With each mouthful of food that you take, chew between 15 and 20 times before you swallow.
  4. Try to recognize the flavor of your food as you chew and appreciate the love that has gone into preparing this meal. Ask yourself if you really enjoy these flavors, and try to consider what this meal is doing to benefit your body and mind.
  5. If you are eating as a family and you have children, then make a point to ask your children what the food tastes like, and how the texture of the food feels inside their mouth.

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