You've never seen a mug recipe quite like this filling, healthy breakfast.

You know that potato hash with the crunchy bits on the edges that you order at an old-school diner with some sunny-side-up eggs and a glass of OJ? Mmmm-so good, right? Part of what makes that hash so good (and crusty) is the grease. And while that might hit the spot when you're hungover, all that artery-clogging fat isn't great for your heart health over time. (And, let's be honest, it can do a number on your stomach in about an hour.)

Don't worry, though-you don't need to take all the fun out of eating. This super-simple, healthy, portion-friendly recipe is here to save the day, or at least your breakfast. Just one mug and about 10 minutes later, you'll be enjoying this Sweet Potato Hash In a Mug created by Gemma of Bigger Bolder Baking.

By using sweet potatoes, you'll be bumping up the beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A), which can improve your immune system to fight off those nasty winter colds. (P.S. These are all the winter superfoods you should be eating.) You can throw in some chopped peppers and onion, as Gemma did. Or really, anything you have in the fridge will work-turkey bacon, spinach, tomatoes, go for it.

The genius part of this recipe is that because you're chopping up the sweet potato pretty small, it cooks quickly in the microwave-no stove-top prep or waiting for water to boil.

While this homemade sweet potato hash might not taste just like the version you're served at the diner, it's still crazy delicious, and it magically arrives in front of you within mere minutes. (Take a look at some of our other favorite mug recipes like this French toast, egg white omelet, or chocolate oatmeal.