Yes, you read that right. Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba, and other celebs are working to make healthy diets more attractive

Junk food companies spend tons of money on marketing to make chips, cookies, candy, and soda alluring. Now, fruits and vegetables will get the same slick treatment. The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) announced the launch of FNV (fruits and vegetables) last week, a brand focused on increasing consumption and sales of fruits and vegetables. (With good reason: More Fruits and Veggies May Prevent Stroke!)

Like any good ad campaign, this one has tons of star power behind it, including Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, Cam Newton, and more. And they've got founding support from companies and organizations including The Honest Company, Sweetgreen, WWE, and others.

The campaign, which will include digital, print, and environmental advertising as well as youth sports and local event sponsorships, will launch this spring. In the meantime, check out this teaser video:

Expect ads with the same fresh, colorful, crisp look as the video-and the food it's promoting.