Are you ready for low-calorie soft serve in a cone?

By Cooking Light
June 12, 2018
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At Cooking Light, we're all about a healthy approach to food-including the occasional sweet treat in moderation. So in general, Halo Top's ultra-low calorie dessert hasn't been our thing. But it's hard to argue with their popularity among those who want to have their ice cream and eat the entire pint, too. (Related: Move Over, Halo Top-Ben & Jerry's Has a New Line of Healthy Ice Cream)

If you're firmly in the Halo Top camp, you'll be excited to hear that the brand is slowly expanding into brick-and-mortar ice cream parlors, Eater reports. (ICYDK, a low-sugar or sugar-free diet could be a really bad idea.)

Halo Top opened their very first "scoop shop" in November of last year, according to PopSugar, dishing out a variety of cones, cups, and treats that slash the fat and calories of traditional ice cream. (Not that there's anything wrong with regular ice cream.)

You can snag a sample of your favorite Halo Top treats currently in one of their two California locations-Culver City, and another in Topanga. A pop-up recently opened to test the New York market, serving a very enticing (yet not as indulgent) summer treat of peaches and cream Halo Top served in a croissant-muffin hybrid, Eater writes. (Related: Halo Top Just Added 7 More Dairy-Free Flavors)

In these new stores, customers are able to order either soft serve or scoops of Halo Top ice cream in a cup, which is definitely your best bet for the lightest treat out there. But you can also enjoy a variety of cones or convert your favorite Halo Top flavor into an ice cream sandwich or taco. (Related: Is Halo Top Ice Cream Good for You?)

Which flavors will you be able to enjoy, you might ask? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry crumble, peanut butter, birthday cake, vanilla bean, caramel macchiato, cookie dough, red velvet, sea salt caramel, and mint chip-just to name a few. The soft serve Halo Top is just about 100 calories per serving, while scoops are upwards of 90 calories per serving. The new stores also are currently serving two flavors-chocolate and cookie dough-in non-dairy varieties.

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June 13, 2018
I would not go out to my front door for a free delivery of this Styrofoam Ice cream impostor. I have tried 4 different ones and all are missing flavor and texture. Not a welcome trade off for dropping a few calories