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Healthy Drinks: Sip Your Way Slim


There's no way you could have tasted all of the new drinks that landed on store shelves this year, so we've done the legwork for you: We've sipped our way through dozens of smoothies, teas, and juices to spotlight the most delicious, nutritious bottles. Bottoms up!

snacksvitaminwater zero revitalize (green tea)
(0 calories, 0 g fat for 8 oz.)

This drink may have gotten a zero in its calorie count (it's sweetened with Truvia, a stevia-based extract), but it scored high marks with our testers. "Lightly sweet without an overpowering taste—it really quenched my thirst," said one. Bonus: It serves up 5 essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium and vitamin C. ($1 for a 20 oz. bottle)


snackCrystal Light Pure Fitness in Lemon Lime
(15 calories, 0 g fat for 1/2 packet)

Stir a packet of this Truvia-sweetened drink mix into your water bottle for a punch of lemon-lime flavor. "I like that the small packets are environmentally friendly," said one tester. "I can add this to my reusable Nalgene bottle instead of buying a plastic one." Plus, the electrolytes—minerals that aid in hydration—are perfect for a post-workout pick-me-up. ($3 for 7)


snacksTazo Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte Concentrate
(60 calories, 0 g fat for 4 oz.)

This caffeine-free latte mix—with a blend of vanilla and apple and peach juices—was our tester's cup of tea. Mix half a cup of the blend into an equal amount of nonfat milk, then heat for one minute in the microwave. "It reminds me of my favorite coffee shop chai," she said. ($4 for a 32 oz. carton)


snacksOoba Sparkling Hibiscus With Blackberry
(95 calories, 0 g fat per 12.5 oz. bottle)

If you can't seem to kick your soft drink habit, try this flavored sparkling water. Made from hibiscus, a tropical flower that's high in antioxidants, the drink has less than half the sugar content of regular soda. One tester even used it as a fruity cocktail mixer at a party. ($2 each)


snacksNaked Tropical Smoothie
(100 calories, 0 g fat for 8 oz.)

Take a swig of this thick smoothie and you'll get a rush of pineapple, mango, orange, apple, and cherry flavors. "I feel like I should be sipping this drink poolside," said one tester. It's also made with coconut water, which is high in heart-healthy potassium. ($3 for a 15 oz. bottle)


snacksV8 V-Fusion 100% Juice in Pomegranate Blueberry
(100 calories, 0 g fat per 8 oz. can)

Moms declared this a miracle drink for their fussy eaters. Although it tastes like a fruity punch, each bottle contains a full serving of both fruits and veggies. "I had no idea that it was a blend of tomato and carrot juice—I couldn't even taste them!" exclaimed one fan. ($5 for 6)


snackHero/WhiteWave Fruit2Day in Strawberry Orange
(110 calories, 0 g fat per 7 oz. bottle)

Each bottle contains two entire servings of fruit and fulfills more than 100 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement. "I loved the real strawberry bits mixed in," said one staffer. "I felt like I got a snack in addition to a drink!" ($4 for 2)


snacksStonyfield Organic Super Smoothie in Strawberry Banana
(140 calories, 2 g fat per 6 oz. bottle)

No need to stash a spoon in your bag to enjoy your morning yogurt. This protein-packed drink is "refreshing for a light treat," described one tester. And each bottle is loaded with 6 grams of protein, plus probiotics, the good bacteria that boost your digestive and immune systems. ($4 for 4)


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