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Healthy Options at Your Favorite Chain Restaurants

New Healthy Restaurant Meals

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The nation’s mid-priced restaurants have been better known for gut-busting (and artery-clogging) menu items than for slimming, heart-healthy cuisine—but that may finally be changing. Many are offering lighter versions of their big diet derailers. Here’s how some of the redesigned dishes stack up.

Denny’s All-American Slam

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(1,280 calories, 93g fat)

Three eggs scrambled with cheese, hash browns, toast, and bacon.

Denny’s Fit Slam

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(390 calories, 12g fat)

Two egg whites with spinach and tomatoes and fresh fruit. The English muffin saves a few calories over toast. Turkey bacon has 40 percent fewer calories than the traditional kind.

Applebee’s Shrimp and Parmesan Sirloin

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(1,210 calories, 78g fat)

9 ounce sirloin with Parmesan sauce, grilled shrimp, seasonal vegetable, and your choice of garlic mashed, or baked potato.

Applebee’s Under 550 Roasted Garlic Sirloin

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(450 calories, 19g fat)

A slightly smaller sirloin (7 ounces versus 9) is served with sautéed onions, which infuse flavor without piling on the fat and calories of the original Parmesan sauce. Herbed potatoes and a large portobello mushroom cap filled with lightly creamed, nutrient-rich spinach round out the plate.

Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken With Creamed Spinach and Loaded Mashed Potatoes

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(900 calories, 51g fat)

The name says it all. “Loaded” is code for cheddar cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

Boston Market Skinless Chicken With Garlicky Lemon Spinach and Mashed Potatoes

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(630 calories, 24g fat)

Nixing the high-fat add-ons in the potatoes and opting for steamed spinach (rather than greens simmered in cream) account for two-thirds of the calorie savings; using skinless chicken instead of skin-on makes up the rest of the difference.


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