Protein energizes, keeps you slim, and fuels your workouts—but in powder form, extra-fragrant flatulence could be an unwanted side effect


There's a lot to love about protein. It keeps you full, gives you energy, helps you maximize the effects of your workouts, and even keeps you slim. And there's more reason than ever to look for new ways to sneak the stuff into your snacks, since recent research reveals that The Best Strategy for Weight Loss Is to Eat It with Each Meal.

But there's a downside. While adding protein powders into shakes, baked goods, and other foods can amp up your intake, after starting to incorporate more of it into her day, one Shape editor noticed an embarrassing side effect-extra-fragrant flatulence.

What gives? According to certified trainer John Rowley, author of The Power of Positive Fitness, the devil may lie in the type of protein in your powder. The whey form can be up to 30 percent fat, lactose, and milk-three ingredients that can upset your stomach and lead to strongly-scented gas, he says.

Luckily, the fix is pretty simple. Rowley suggests looking for a whey protein isolate, which is just six to 10 percent fat, lactose, and other fart-inducing trimmings. The powder he created, UX3, also contains digestive enzymes and is made with stevia, rather than an artificial sweetener, to make it extra-easy on the stomach.

But you could also try a plant-based powder (like one of these 3 Clean Vegan Powders We Love), instead of a whey one. Since these are often made without dairy, they likely won't have the same gas-inducing effects. And if you need ideas on using protein power, try one of these 12 Sweet Ways to Sneak Protein Powder Into Your Meals.