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High Sodium Food Shockers

High Sodium Foods: Buttermilk Pancakes

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740 mg sodium (4 pancakes)
You may skip salty home fries, eggs and bacon to keep your sodium in check but watch out for the pancakes! You don't have to give them up entirely. Just order the short stack with a side of fruit salad or yogurt or make this low sodium blueberry banana pancake recipe at home.

High Sodium Foods: White Bread

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White bread gets a bad rap for what it doesn't have (fiber and protein), but don't forget what it does have: 240 mg of sodium per slice. That may not sound like much, but it's 408 mg per sandwich before layering on high-sodium cold cuts or salty peanut butter. Try whole-wheat bread (132 mg a slice) or a low sodium variety like Pepperidge Farm Reduced Sodium Original White (65 mg).

High Sodium Foods: Bran Muffin

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546 mg sodium (1 large)
The word "bran" might make you think your morning muffin is a healthy choice, but not only is it high in sodium, it packs up to 800 calories and 41 g fat. Looking for a low-sodium, low-calorie alternative? Try this healthy breakfast idea. Or make your own: Orange Poppy Seed Muffin Recipe.

High Sodium Foods: Pasta Sauce

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525 mg sodium (1/2 cup jarred)

Added sugars can be a problem in jarred pasta sauce but so can sodium! Try using sodium-free diced, crushed or stewed tomatoes, tomato paste or a combination to make a fresh sauce that's just as quick. Jazz it up with garlic and herbs like basil and oregano.

High Sodium Foods: Bagel and Cream Cheese

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694 mg sodium (1 bagel, 2 tbsp cream cheese)

You know a bagel and cream cheese is a high calorie breakfast, but it's also packed with sodium. Swap in an English muffin for fewer calories and just 200 mg of sodium. You can keep the cream cheese; at 43 mg per tablespoon it has nearly half as much sodium as butter. More healthy swaps.

High Sodium Foods: Chicken Breast

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800 mg sodium (6 ounces)
Chicken breasts can be surprisingly high in sodium before you even add any seasonings. How? Some manufacturers inject chicken breasts with saline to make them juicier. Avoid sodium overload by reading labels carefully and flavoring chicken with citrus juice or zest, herbs, and spices.

High Sodium Foods: Frozen Dinner

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890 mg sodium

In addition to being high in sodium, many frozen dinners are packed with unhealthy preservatives and artificial flavors. We recommend making meals ahead but when you just don't have time to cook, try one of these SHAPE-approved heat-and-eat lunches.

High Sodium Foods: Cottage Cheese

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819 mg sodium (1 cup)
Cottage cheese can be a dieter's best friend--if you choose the right one. Some brands of this sweet cheese pack more salt than you want in an entire meal. You don't have to give it up, just watch your portions.

High Sodium Foods: Pretzels

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814mg sodium (10 twists)
At just 227 calories and 1.6g fat, pretzels seem like a good choice, but watch out for the high sodium content. Try unsalted pretzels for just 131 mg of sodium. Add flavor by dipping them in mustard for just 5 calories and 57 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

High Sodium Foods: Pickle

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1,181 mg sodium (medium, Kosher dill)

It's no secret pickles are loaded with sodium (pickling is the process of preserving food in a salt water solution)— one pickle packs almost half of the 2,300 mg daily recommendation!  Get the same salty sour satisfaction without the sodium by making your own "cucumber pickles!" It's easy and sodium free.

High Sodium Foods: Turkey Bacon

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640 mg sodium (1 oz.)

Sure, you're saving fat and calories by choosing turkey bacon over traditional, but you're still getting a huge does of sodium. Try a low-sodium variety, which has about 120 mg. Bored with your healthy breakfast? Try one of these new breakfast ideas.

High Sodium Foods: Soup

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773 mg sodium (1 cup vegetable beef)
Soup provides more nutrients than chips, but did you know that 1 cup of vegetable beef soup has 620 mg MORE sodium than a single-serving bag of chips? Make your own low-sodium soups or dilute store-bought versions with water or low-sodium broth.


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