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Is It Better to Live Near Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?


If you live near either a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods—score!—you’ve got great options that make healthy cooking and eating a snap. But could that convenient locale drive up the value of your home? New research analysis from RealtyTrac found that indeed, living near a health haven may make your crib more desirable.

The analysis looked at home values, appreciation, and property taxes in U.S. in neighborhoods that had either a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s in that zip code. Surprisingly, home values near Trader Joe’s have increased by an average of 40 percent since purchase, while properties near Whole Foods have only increased by 34 percent (on par for the appreciation of homes nationwide). Digs near Trader Joe’s are also valued five percent higher than ones near Whole Foods. While that's great news if one of these cult-favorite grocery stores have popped up in your 'hood since move-in, homeowners who are looking to buy in the vicinity are going to be paying over 50 percent more than the national average. (Whoa! It's even more important, then, to save some dough. Follow these 6 Ways to Save Money On (and Stop Wasting!) Groceries.)

So if you’re looking to sell your house any time soon, you’re in luck if you live near Trader Joe’s! The budget-conscious grocery store is most likely a big attraction point for homebuyers who want to save on some cash and eat well. We’ll be interested to see how Whole Foods' upcoming lower-cost chain for Millennials compares to prices at Trader Joe’s—and how it effects real estate. Check out the rest of the research results below.


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