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How the Keto Diet Transformed Jen Widerstrom's Body In 17 Days

This whole keto diet experiment started as a joke. I'm a fitness professional, I've written a whole book (Diet Right for Your Personality Type) about healthy eating, and I have a clear understanding of and belief system for how I think people should eat, and how I think they can find success—whether that's weight loss, strength gain, and so on. And the basis of that is clear: One size does not fit all.

But my buddy, powerlifter Mark Bell, kept trying to convince me to do the keto diet. I kind of wanted to give him the middle finger, and say, "whatever, Mark!" But as a fitness pro, I felt like my personal testimony was important: I couldn't speak intelligently about this diet (either in support of or against it) without trying it myself. So, I decided to give the keto diet a try. It was basically a dare—nothing super serious.

Then, something very unexpected happened: I went to take a "Day 1" photo, and my immediate reaction was, "What?! That's not me." There's been a lot of stress in my life over the last six months: a move, a new job, a breakup, health concerns. I've had a lot going on, and I don't think I realized how much I was subliminally turning to very unhealthy habits to cope: drinking more, eating comfort food. I was making fun pasta dishes four nights a week, and not a small serving. I was loading my plate, putting on a rerun of The Office to make me feel better, and—let's just call it what it is—eating my feelings. To make it worse, I had a hectic schedule and was training in the gym less and less.

So I saw those before photos, and it was a kick in the teeth. Like, "Wait, this is not my body." I posted the picture and it went viral.




CONFESSION: This was a lot harder to post than I thought it would be. Per my last post I said I would take on this challenge and frankly accepted it because it's something I thought would be fun -- but in looking at these photos I don't think I realized how much I truly needed the push. I've had a very chaotic six months and for the first time I visually see how that chaos is reflected in my eating habits and mental health. With a huge amount of stress along side many things to be thankful for, I have been drinking a lot, eating fast food, and to be honest been mentally checked out. To see the distention and my gut is the physical evidence that I've clearly been a been avoiding handling what I've been feeling and after knowing all of you for so long, I know you've been there too. But it stops NOW. I have the decision to shift my headspace and be better bc I know better or to go into f*ck it mode, give in and avoid what scares me longer. Well... you guys know me well enough by now to know which decision I'm going to make- and as I said last night, I'd love to have you along with me. This all makes me a little freaked out, but to know you're there makes it easier. xxMe DAY 1 of 17

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Some people were gracious, saying, "Oh Jen, you still look beautiful" and "I would kill to look like that." But I felt it was important to share that this is exactly where it—weight gain—starts. You're in a good place, and suddenly you're up a few pounds. In my case, my weight wasn't actually that high, but I was losing muscle and gaining that bloated, distended belly, and I didn't realize it. That distended belly and loss of muscle mass turns into a soft tummy and then a 10-pound gain, and then it's 15 to 20 pounds. Before you know it, you're 50 pounds heavier and wondering, "how did I get here?" and it's really hard to get back. (And by the way, once you hit 50 pounds, it turns into 150 really easily. That's how slippery the slope gets.) It's not that I think I'm fat—but it's knowing my body and knowing that something was wrong.

After I saw those photos, I decided to take keto really seriously. Yeah, I wanted to understand the keto diet, but I also really wanted to get a grip on my life.

Starting the Keto Diet

The first morning, I woke up and went to work at Daily Blast Live, and there were some of the best cinnamon rolls in town. That's like one of my favorite foods ever.

I could've just said, "I'll start at noon!" but I didn't. I woke up that morning and committed: I was going to stay on the keto diet for 17 days, until the end of the Shape Goal-Crushing Challenge.

That first day, I already felt better because, mentally, I knew I was doing something to take care of my body. I had a new purpose in my day and it kept me feeling very connected to a better Jen. My work ethic, my whole outlook changed. So even though, physically, Day 1 brought some headaches, grogginess, and digestion issues, I already felt better.

By Day 4, my digestion figured itself out and my headaches went away. I had consistent energy, I was sleeping great, my body felt clean as a whistle. I never felt a crash or cravings. For the rest of the keto challenge, I was excited about sticking to it and getting creative with my keto meals. I made my own meat sauce to put on spaghetti squash, I whipped up a really fun vegetable chicken stew with bone broth. I liked how keto was forcing me to think outside the box with food. Not to mention, I was only eating protein, healthy fats, and vegetables—and I felt really, really good.



I begin Day 5 of 17. As promised, here’s a progress pic of my first few days of trying #keto. It’s pleasing to see such a difference in the outward distention of my belly and that line coming down the side on my stomach on my profile shot, BUT I am aware a lot of this is just water weight so I’m going to stay dialed in and be patient for real results. Main changes I made: •I removed all sugar and additives out of my coffee, only drinking it black or with a little unsweetened almond milk. •I removed all protein bars replacing them with fat/protein-based snacks like avocados and nuts/seeds. •All starch carbohydrates have been removed with ZERO exception and have been replaced with green vegetables ==> On that note, I will say it’s been a struggle to do a workout and then not have a carbohydrate post (something I very strongly believe in). . What I’ve noticed: •With the exception of my first day, I haven't had any cravings but I am however operating with a mild headache the second half of the day, everyday. •I find the amount of water I normally drink is not enough anymore so will make that adjustment this week. ••Mentally I’m amazing!! The discipline it takes to stick to this has actually been quite refreshing- it’s been nice to have set boundaries that eliminates that negotiation with myself about meals… So now the normal temptation I’d have to grab random food here & there has been removed and it feels great to have a focus!

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Confession: I got some green grapes at the market on my first day, and I had seven or eight of them each day as a little treat. No, they're not totally keto, but it was natural sugar, and I knew I needed a little something, because that something is what kept me on track the rest of the time. And I've gotta tell you—a grape never tasted so good.

One night I went out and had some martinis (basically the closest thing to a keto cocktail). When I got home, I was hanging with my dog Hank, and remembered that I had some roasted cauliflower in the fridge. Normally, after a night out, I'd head to my go-to pizza place a block away. Instead, I heated up some cauliflower and it was so good. I woke up feeling great, versus bloated.

Vegetables became my main snack. It's so easy to overdo it with the healthy fats (I found myself constantly reaching for nuts and avocado). Instead, I went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on all their pre-cut veggies: carrots, snap peas, jicama, baby zucchini, celery, red peppers. I had to switch to a bigger purse to carry all my snacks.

I also started drinking my coffee black or having this keto coffee with protein, collagen, and cacao butter, and it's better than Starbucks. (Check out Jen's keto coffee recipe these other low-carb keto drinks.)



17 days of #keto complete. MY GREATEST TAKEAWAY: If you read nothing else below please read this: I have the power to do something about the way I feel and I also get to decide how to move through what happens to me. I do not have to be a victim but I do but I do get to choose how I cope with my stress. It’s up to me on whether I check out or not— and through this experience I’ve chosen to participate everyday of my life going forward. YOU HAVE THE SAME POWER. The actual diet feedback: PROS -Fast response. Keep in mind the first week is really just water weight but if you stay in it the body continues to drop weight pretty rapidly. (make sure you’re eating enough though because you don’t want to lose muscle!!) -No cravings. I had no energy drop and nice energy flow throughout the day. -CLEAR food/fuel boundaries. There is no guesswork and no negotiation that happens—you know exactly what you’re allowed to eat and what you’re not and it takes away any emotional eating or conversations in your head. . CONS -As you all know, I strongly believe one size does not fit all… Making keto NOT for everyone. It’s not for me for sure- even though my body does respond well to high fat and protein fuel, given my mental and physical demands. My body NEEDS starch so I choose not to live in ketogenesis. -It takes VERY high discipline to do right and adapt correctly. -The precision of this diet is critical. Inspired by a conversation with my colleague @dunamisarp, “you risk not actually being in ketosis and instead just adopting a restrictive carb diet with too high of protein leading into gluconeogenesis. It takes a while to be fully adaptive into ketosis even though the scale and clothes will change earlier. There is always a cost to everything.” -Chris Knott #mondaymotivation

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My Keto Takeaways

I was shocked with how fast my body responded in those 17 days. I can't tell you for sure that I was in ketogenesis, so I can't give keto the credit, because I don't think I actually hit that point. Ketogenesis takes a long time to achieve. (Here's the science behind the keto diet and how it helps you burn fat.) I do think I cut a lot of bullshit out of my nutrition and rewarded my body with vegetables and quality meats and quality fats.

I also don't think I realized how much I needed the boundaries. Discipline is one of the hardest parts of going keto, but it was also one of the greatest assets of the diet. There are no question marks. I knew what was allowed, and I liked that clear boundary. I felt really grateful to know exactly where I stood with my food and my fuel.

My training schedule got more consistent too; I also started doing yoga and working one body part each day while weightlifting. I went from working out once or twice a week to four solid workouts each week.

I'll definitely keep the vegetable snacks and avoid added sugar as much as possible. The way I look at food has changed. I used to order a turkey sub with extra mayo for lunch without thinking twice. I thought: "I'm fit, I can handle it." And, frankly, that's what we all think... and then we buy a bigger pair of pants and a looser shirt, and we don't realize that we're just not paying attention to our bodies.

That being said, if I go to Chicago, I'm going to have a slice of pizza. I'll limit added sugar to unique occasions. I'll probably add in a bit of starch after my workouts, but other than that, I've really adopted a lot from the keto diet.

Trying the keto diet has allowed me to pay greater attention to what I'm eating and how I'm feeling. And it's also pushed me to be more creative in the kitchen. It feels good to pull out healthy ingredients from the fridge and have more confidence making different foods. Now, I'm excited to try new things.

There's no end to getting fit or being healthy. It's an ebb and flow. I know that this is not the last time I'm going to have a hard time. The way I have moved through this experience, though, is evidence that whatever hardship comes, I'm going to get through it.

Should You Try Keto?

It's a great tool for immediate weight management, and, like I said, will help you cut a lot of B.S. from your diet. (Just read what happened when one Shape editor went keto.)

But I'll stand by what I said in the beginning: One size does not fit all. You need to do what works for your body. I really don't like to advocate nutritional programs that aren't sustainable for your life. Some people can live in that extreme, but I'm not built for that, so I chose not to. If you feel like you could do it, go for it, and listen to how your body responds. You need to do what works for your body and your personality type. (Also check out this keto meal plan for beginners to see if you're up for it.)


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