Food mogul Curtis Stone is an expert when it comes to fruit and veggies. The Top Chef star vows that the closer you get to nature, the better. So where does he buy fresh fruit and veggies? When he's not picking fresh produce from his garden at home, he's at the market. "Everyone can all make an effort to find a good market," Stone says. New to the farmer's market scene? No problem. Stone has some advice for the farmer market first-timers:

Experiment. The most important thing is to experiment, Stone says. Try new things each week.

Make Friends. Establish a relationship with people in the farmer's market to understand what they go through. They know where the food's coming from!

Ask Questions. Ask the vendors when the fruit and veggies are at their best. Kids wouldn't crave sugar and candy if they tasted fresh fruit, Stone says.

Buy What's in Season. Eat things at their prime. Berries are ripe in the summer, according to Stone. Add some to your morning yogurt or bowl of cereal for an extra flavor kick.

Do Not Refrigerate. Keep what you purchase at room temperature instead of storing it in the fridge. Fruit and veggies like tomatoes are best when eaten at room temperature, Stone says.

When you buy from a farmer's market, you know what you're consuming isn't processed or artificial. Market produce is fresh, flavorful, and all natural, what could be better? Now that you have the tips from the pro, you're ready to hit the market with confidence. One last tip: Don't forget a bag!

Stone recently teamed up with Post Great Grains to teach people about his whole-food philosophy. Click here to learn more!