Finally! A burger to cure your cravings without the environmental hit

By Moira Lawler
July 28, 2016

We weren't all that surprised to hear there were lines around a New York City block to taste the hottest burger in town (this is where the Cronut craze began, after all). But the real shocker is people were waiting in line for a *veggie* burger. If you're picturing a frozen patty that tastes like cardboard or a homemade variety that crumbles on first bite, you probably can't believe the hype. But this vegetarian-friendly burger reportedly tastes delicious and is gloriously meat free, which is why it's been appropriately dubbed "The Impossible Burger."

The Impossible Burger delivers that meaty taste without the harsh environmental impact. Rather than relying on animals as we have been for basically forever, the burger was dreamed up and tweaked for five years in a Silicon Valley lab until it passed as something that made even the most red-blooded meat lover salivate. By taking cows out of the equation, the burgers are created using 95 percent less land, 74 less water, and 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions. (Not to mention, there could be health benefits if you reduce your red meat intake, though the definitive answer on that is still up for debate.)

The resulting Impossible Burger patty is made of wheat, coconut oil, potato protein, and something called heme that lends the meaty color and flavor. It's being served at New York's Momofuku Nishi on a potato roll with traditional burger fixings: lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, special sauce, and cheese if you want it. The burger made its debut yesterday and is available in limited quantities for $12 during brunch and happy hour.

Based on Instagram pics alone, it certainly looks like a burger. And Business Insider reports though it doesn't taste exactly like the real, beefy thing, it's pretty damn good.