Note to Self: Slow Down!

Something I still need to work on is eating with purpose-in other words, taking my time, savoring the aromas and flavors, and listening to my body's fullness signals. But with my hectic schedule, I often scarf down meals as quickly as I can-which often leads to overeating. At my last meeting with my dietitian, Lila Ojeda, we brainstormed an easy way to cue mindful eating when I'm at home. On small Post-It notes, I wrote prompts, including, "slow down," "chew your food thoroughly," "put your fork down at least three times during the meal," "breathe," and "leave a little something on the plate." Then I placed one note on each of the plates and bowls in the cabinet. Now when I pull one down to eat from it, I have a written reminder right in front of me. So far, it's working like a charm.

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