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10 Things You Experience If You're a Picky Eater (But Trying to Eat Healthy)

The struggle of not being a health-minded foodie in today's world is real AF. Don't get me wrong—all the smoothie bowls and mermaid toast photos taking over my Instagram feed look glorious. All the colors! But when you're a picky eater, hopping on some of these trends is easier said than done. It's hard to figure out what the heck to eat when you're trying to be healthy but your palette is giving certain foods a big fat no.

And on that note, it's time we bring light to the struggles all picky eaters out there (*raises hand*) face.

1. Envying foodies who are open to trying new things—and actually enjoying it.

britney spears how

"So, what you're saying is that you actually enjoy drinking bone broth?!" Hmm...there's something fishy about that...

2. Wanting to like a trendy health food, and trying (and trying), but failing.

*Gives another go at green juice* *Convinces self that it's tolerable* ...

Gob Bluth

...but in reality, that was revolting and you don't know why you tried it for a third time. Give it a rest!

3. Not being able to hide your "EW" face.

Ew Michelle Tanner

SORRY. (Come on, you can't tell me you don't think arugula tastes bitter AF.)

4. Googling "How to eat healthy when you're a picky eater,"... but that still doesn't help.

Judge Judy

Basically, the entire Internet is telling you to eat colorful veggies and protein as if you didn't already know that. Ugh, thanks for nothing!

5. Always being hungry...because salad.

Don't like salad

Yeah, salad is great, but there are just so many times you can have a salad for lunch and dinner—AMIRITE?! Give me the pizza and cookies, please.

6. Nevertheless, you still have to eat some form of superfoods, so you force yourself...

The office

...but you're miserable when you do.

Baby Picky Eater

Why can't broccoli taste just as good as the health benefits?!

7. Finally, finding a meal you actually enjoy, so you meal prep it to death and eat it every day...

Winnie the Pooh

...until it turns revolting, then you're back to square one.


Can't. Eat. More. Chicken.

8. Going out to eat, and always needing to modify the dish you're ordering.


"Can I get this without green peppers?" "I can't? Never mind."

9. Trying healthier versions of your favorite foods thinking it's going to taste like the original.

Baby mama weird and healthy

No. Just no. Nothing will ever replace REAL pizza crust, not even a friggin' cauliflower. Or avocado pizza.

10. But then you try something that you sort of, kind of like!?

The Office Surprised

Wait! Zoodles...aren't...that...bad! Pretty soon you'll realize you might be able to do this whole healthy-picky-eating thing after all. 


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