Meet Prepd. Your meal-prepping, healthy-eating dream come true.

By Lauren Mazzo

You can file meal prepping under the list of "Things I Really Want to and Should-But Never Actually-Do." (Right alongside meditating every morning and making your own nut butter.)

It's true: Meal prepping every. single. meal. can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and, TBH, boring. (Chicken and broccoli how many times this week?) However, meal prepping just your lunches for the week is way more attainable and actually makes a ton of sense: You'll save money, ensure you steer clear of the one-dollar pizza place across from your office, and spare yourself the hassle of throwing things together in the a.m. before heading out the door. (See: How Meal-Prep Lunches Can Save You Almost $30 a Week)

Luckily, there's a new adult-y lunch box to make it all way easier. Meet: Prepd, the game-changing lunch box that'll help you master portion control and make-ahead lunches once and for all. Here's how it works: For $70, you get a chic, modular lunch box with one large container (plus dressing compartment), two small containers, and one set of magnetic cutlery that all fit perfectly inside. The containers are made from a special food-safe plastic material called Tritan, are BPA-free, and safe to freeze and microwave. And, of course, they're totally leak-proof so you can toss it in your bag with your laptop without a worry.

You might be thinking: "A lunch box with containers in it-so what?" (After all, you can buy lots of handy containers for meal prepping.)

Well, Prepd also has an app with tons of balanced, healthy lunch recipes curated by chefs and nutritionists to fit perfectly in said containers. Browse by diet type or meal preference, plan and organize your lunches right in the app, and get instant access to precise and in-depth nutritional info about each. (No calorie counting required!) Into batch cooking? You can buy additional compartments (including even more sizes)-as well as chopsticks and a carrying case-from Prepd as well. (P.S. these other meal-prep gadgets make batch cooking way easier.)

Prepd initially got started with a super-successful Kickstarter that crowdfunded close to $1.5 million to create the dream meal-prep lunchbox. You can currently score the Prepd lunchbox in a classic grey and wood motif with colored accents, but they have a second Kickstarter making the rounds for fully colored versions (shown in the video above) to be available soon for just $39 to $49.


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