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Readers Reveal Their Healthy (or Not) Snacking Habits

Survey QuestionsReader Responses
I would describe my workplace snacking as…
A couple of times a day, I need a pick-me-up63.48 %
A couple of times per week, I'm not a big snacker23.68 %
I never snack at work6.55 %
A constant, all-day activity: My desk drawer looks like a mini-mart6.30 %
I bring snacks to work…
Every day, I know the importance of being prepared44.05 %
I stock up occasionally and refill as needed24.30 %
At least 3 times a week13.16 %
Once a week if I remembert11.14 %
Never, there's always a fully stocked kitchen/vending machine7.34 %
My snack attack usually hits me (choose all that apply)…
Between 2 and 4 p.m.66.41 %
Between 9:30 and 11 a.m.38.38 %
Whenever I get stressed or need a break18.43 %
It varies from day to day; there's no specified time17.93 %
All day long7.07 %
Right after lunch6.31 %
When I need a snack from the vending machine or cafeteria at work, the snacks are usually (check all that apply)…
Salty chips and pretzels34.34 %
Sugary candies and energy bars31.31 %
None of the above, I don't get snacks out of the vending machine or cafeteria30.56 %
Nuts like almonds ,cashews, peanuts, etc.26.01 %
We don't have a vending machine/cafeteria20.96 %
Baked goods like muffins, cakes, bagels,etc.16.92 %
Fresh fruits and vegetables16.16 %
Dairy products like yogurt or cheese11.87 %
My ideal workplace snack is (check all that apply)…
Nutritious76.52 %
Satisfying68.43 %
Convenient63.13 %
Flavorful59.09 %
Portable58.33 %
Filled with protein43.94 %
Wholesome43.69 %
Has natural ingredients39.39 %
When I have a wholesome snack at work (check all that apply) I feel…
I feel in control of my diet/eating habits64.39 %
Feel good about myself58.59 %
Am satisfied and don't need another snack before my next meal41.41 %
Believe that my productivity increases22.22 %
Don't notice a difference in the way I feel4.55 %
When my office has leftover food, I (choose only one answer)…
Turn to my arsenal of wholesome snacks I keep to avoid temptation31.22 %
Avoid it because I don't trust myself around bad food options26.65 %
Try to pick at healthy options but am ultimately dissatisfied23.86 %
Indulge completely18.27 %
My office vending machine (pick all that apply)…
Is a dieter's trap42.43 %
Offers nothing but unsatisfying snacks36.20 %
Is a black hole of guilt26.41 %
Has a variety of smart snack options3.15 %
Expects me every day around 3 p.m.5.93 %
At work I have regrets about what I snack on (choose only one)…
1-3 times per week54.43 %
Never, I always make good snacking choices39.75 %
At least 4 times per week5.82 %
How many hours a week do you typically work?
40-60 hours41.41 %
25-40 hours38.89 %
25 hours or fewer17.42 %
61+ hours2.27 %
What is your age?
25-3432.83 %
35-4427.27 %
45-5425.51 %
55-649.09 %
18-244.87 %
65+0.51 %


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