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The Real Reason Your Stomach Is Growling


You’re sitting in on your weekly team meeting, and it ran late…again. You can’t focus anymore, and your stomach is starting to make really loud grumbling noises (that everyone can hear), telling you it’s time to eat—or is that what it really means?

Turn out: those stomach grumbles might be signaling something else.

“The noise you and potentially everyone else is hearing is perfectly normal, but it isn’t always related to the need for food, or even your stomach,” gastroenterologist Dr. Patricia Raymond, Assistant Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School said.

So where does it come from?

Our 20-foot-long small intestine.

Eating starts with our mouth of course, and then the chewed up food heads down to our stomachs, eventually traveling to our small intestine. This is where all the magic then happens, as the small intestine is where enzymes are released so that your body can absorb all the nutrients you just gave it.

Basically, all that grumbling has more to do with the food that you just ate then signaling that you need to eat. Who knew?!

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