The Revolution Toaster Is All Over TikTok — Here's My Honest Review

The Revolution Toaster features a large touch screen and 90+ different settings so you can dictate exactly how you want your breakfast carbs to turn out.

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Along with dance videos and creative recipe ideas, you can find an endless supply of products you didn't know you needed on TikTok. If the app serves you a lot of product reviews (or you follow Lil Yachty), there's a good chance you've seen at least one clip showing off the Revolution Toaster. While the OG kitchen appliance might not seem all that inspiring, the Revolution Toaster is changing the game. It looks like the iPhone of toasters and allows you to choose your preferred shade of food (instead of some mystery dial that always leads to burnt toast), so it's no wonder it's gained so much fan favor on the app.

You can tell from the TikTok posts alone that the Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster (Buy It, $280, — the brand's sole toaster model — is good-looking. It has a super shiny stainless steel finish and a large touch screen that can display a digital or analog clock when it's not in use, so it blends in perfectly with other high-end appliances. (Related: The Brava Smart Oven Will Replace Literally All of Your Kitchen Appliances)

It's not instantly obvious from TikTok posts alone just how well a product works, though, as there can always be some smoke and mirrors involved with social media. (Who hasn't tried a hyped-up product they heard about online only to find out it was mediocre?) So, I gave the Revolution Toaster a test drive to find out whether the popular product is all for show or worth the dough.

The touchscreen toaster has settings for five different types of foods — sliced bread; English muffins; bagels; waffles; and pastries, i.e. Pop-Tarts or their generic counterparts — with additional variations if you're working with fresh or frozen items or simply looking to reheat something. What's even more unique about the Revolution Toaster is that you can select a color that you want the food to reach, from a barely-toasted 1 to a nearly-burnt 7. Bagels have separate settings for bakery-fresh and bagged bagels (genius!), and the pastry option only has three settings (fresh/reheat/frozen). (Related: 9 Essential Small Appliances for Tight Kitchen Spaces)

For a side-by-side comparison, I tried toasting frozen slices of bread, fresh bagels, frozen waffles, and Pop-Tarts in both the Revolution Toaster and my Black and Decker Crisp 'N Bake Air Fry 4-Slice Toaster Oven (Buy It, $40, I'm sorry, but I love myself too much to eat English muffins.

Even though the toaster has such customizable settings, it does require some trial and error. I prefer my bread products lightly toasted (which apparently puts me in the majority of Americans and means that I'm easily overwhelmed), so when making a bagel I opted for a conservative "2" on the bakery setting. The bagel still came out a little burnt on the top, which makes me think that the "7" setting would've burnt it to a crisp. Ironically, the one-size-fits-all pastry option came out perfectly each time I tried it. To be fair, the company specifies that the color coded settings are for reference and that results may vary, but if you're thinking of the buying the toaster solely because of the novelty of choosing a color and having your food pop out with that exact shade, you might be disappointed.

Still, I think just about anyone who uses a toaster frequently would find the Revolution Toaster a worthwhile purchase. It's a high-speed toaster thanks to the brand's InstaGLO heating system, which features a diamond-shaped heating element that preheats in two seconds and delivers an even toasting, according to the brand. I can attest that the Revolution smart toaster delivered on both fronts. My frozen waffles took just more than two minutes to reach the same level of toasting I achieved in 10 minutes in my toaster oven, and the frozen pieces of bread took about one minute and thirty seconds vs. three minutes. Every second counts if you're on breakfast duty for an entire family or you tend to rush out the door in the morning. The toaster also heated each type of food evenly — it didn't even leave the frozen foods with a colder center. (Related: How to Design Your Kitchen to Encourage Healthy Eating)

Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster
Revolution Cooking

Buy It: Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster, $280,

I live for a clever smart device, and still get a kick out of selecting my toasting preferences the way Cher Horowitz swipes through outfits in her digital closet. If you'd find value in using a cutting-edge toaster and/or shaving time off your morning routine, you'll probably want to follow TikTok creators' lead on this one.

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