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Salad Shockers: We Uncover the Calories Hidden in Salads

Quiznos Honey Mustard Chicken Regular Chopped Salad

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This chopped salad has 920 calories—500 of them in the dressing!—and it's loaded with 65 grams of fat (plus tons of sodium). Slim it down by getting that dressing on the side and skipping the bacon and flatbread, or order the Pan Asian Chicken Salad, which has less than 500 calories.

Chili's Quesadilla Explosion Salad

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It's an explosion all right. With 1,410 calories and a whopping 89 fat grams, this salad puts you well over the 65 fat grams an average adult should have in a whole day. A slimmer menu option is the Caribbean Salad with Grilled Chicken, which has just 620 calories.

Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad with Oriental Vinaigrette

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How can lettuce, almonds, and chicken add up to 1,430 calories? For starters, the chicken is fried, and so are the crispy noodles on top. Make it healthier by swapping in grilled chicken, or nix it altogether for the Asian Crunch Salad. It still has chicken (if you're craving protein), and is under 550 calories.

Cheesecake Factory's Caesar Salad with Chicken

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The classic Caesar is a menu staple, but between the cheese, the croutons and the thick dressing, it's also a diet killer: Cheesecake Factory's version is 1,513 calories! Lighten up by splitting one serving with a pal (or two!) or try the Seared Tuna Sataki Salad, just over 500 calories, with a zesty Wasabi vinaigrette.

California Pizza Kitchen's Waldorf Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

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You'll get nearly a day's worth of calories—1,570—from this sneaky salad. It's packed with healthy stuff like pears, grapes, grilled chicken and celery, but Gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts and a blue cheese dressing option fatten it up. Try the Moroccan Chicken Salad instead; it has just 412 calories in a (plentiful) half portion.


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