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Shape on the Street: Would You Rather Give Up Caffeine or Sugar?

People are super serious about their daily dose of caffeine and sugar—two of the seven most addictive legal substances. That's right, your claim of being addicted to your morning cup of joe or afternoon chocolate is actually based in science! Caffeine is the world's most popular psychoactive drug, with more than 80 percent of us drinking some type of caffeinated beverage daily. As we previously reported, as soon as you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine is passed into your blood where it goes straight to your brain, blocking the receptors in our brains that signal exhaustion and pain and thereby giving you the "rush" of energy you crave. (Find out: Is caffeine turning you into a monster?)

Sugar addiction is no joke either. Surprisingly, it has a lot in common with the other white stuff. Past research in rats showed that Oreos lit up the same neural pathways as cocaine and that the rats' pleasure centers actually showed more of a response to the cookies. Proof of why it can be so hard to ditch your sugary habit—despite knowing that the sweet stuff can increase your risk for almost all major diseases, and was even linked to breast cancer in a recent study. (If you're looking to wean yourself off, check out our easy guide to the sugar detox diet and be wary of these "healthy" foods with crazy-high sugar counts.)

Bottom line: Lots of folks feel prettyyy strongly about their caffeine and sugar! So we hit the streets to find out which people would rather give up.


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