Your favorite smoothie fruit could cost you

By ClassPass
September 06, 2016

According to CNN, a link has been found between frozen strawberries and a recent hepatitis A outbreak, which started in Virginia and has been working its way across six states. Fifty-five people have been infected, and the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are predicting that number will rise.

Here's what a CDC representative reported to CNN: "Due to the relatively long incubation period for hepatitis A-15 to 50 days-before people start experiencing symptoms, we expect to see more ill people reported in this outbreak."

Many of the infected people claimed they had recently bought smoothies from local cafes, only to find that these contained frozen strawberries imported from Egypt. These cafes have since removed and replaced these strawberries.

Not sure what Hepatitis A is? It's a highly contagious viral liver infection. It doesn't cause chronic liver disease and it is rarely fatal. Overall, it takes patients a few months to recover. If you ate strawberries recently and have experienced these symptoms, see your doctor ASAP.

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