The coffee chain has pulled some bad breakfast sandwiches from 250 stores around the country

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan
Updated: September 19, 2017

Starbucks fans, hang on a sec before you place that order: The coffee giant has issued an FDA recall over breakfast sandwiches from 250 stores around the country, and specifically stores in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Another little problem? These sandwiches, which were recalled for possible listeria contamination, may have already been served on March 3 or March 4. (You've Eaten Something from a Food Recall; Now What?)

The sandwiches in question were of Starbucks' Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar variety-and, if for whatever reason, you ate one and have since kept your garbage, they were sold stamped with "Best Before: 07-Aug-2016" on top of the package. Starbucks says consumers have nothing to worry about now, because they reportedly removed the impacted products from all locations as soon as they received word of possible listeria contamimation from the manufacturing plant based in Massachussets, with whom the FDA is now working with to figure out the culprit. Additionally, "no other products [have been] affected because of this issue. We have not received any reports of illnesses to date," a spokesman for the Starbucks told NBC News.

Likewise, if you for whatever reason have kept your breakfast sandwich (and maybe, let's say, haven't eaten it yet), you can return to the location of purchase for a full refund. Got any more Qs? Give Starbucks a call at 1-800-224-7630. Listeria can be extremely dangerous-symptoms can include fever, muscle aches and sometimes nausea or diarrhea, also potentially putting pregnant women at a higher risk for stillbirth-so we're glad Starbucks is taking it seriously. (Also, just one more thought: Maybe you could hold off on those pre-packaged breakfast sandwiches for a bit, you know? Try these 10 New Breakfast Sandwich Ideas instead!)


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