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Starbucks Is Testing Out a Brand New Lunch Menu—and We're Here for It

It feels like Starbucks unveils a new drink just about every week. (See: their two new warm-weather iced macchiato drinks and those Instagrammable pink and purple drinks off their 'secret menu'.) But there hasn't been a ton of innovation in the food department—until now. Starting today, if you live in Chicago, Starbucks will be offering a brand new upscale lunch menu with a variety of grab-and-go options.

Dubbed 'Mercato' (which means 'marketplace' in Italian, BTW) the menu includes a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and high-protein options like a smoked pork Cubano sandwich, cauliflower tabbouleh salad, and seared steak and mango salad. (Check out the full list of options in the press release.) And unlike the current snack boxes and frozen breakfast sandwiches currently found at Starbucks stores, the new lunch offerings will be made fresh each day at local facilities.



"I think it accommodates how people are eating today," Sara Trilling, a Starbucks exec told the Chicago Tribune. "People are pickier. They care more about where their food comes from."

On top of being health-conscious, the new additions will be easy(ish) on your wallet as well. Salads will range between $8 and $9 while the sandwiches will sell for $5 to $8. Any lunch items that aren't purchased at the end of each day will be donated to local food banks via the Starbucks FoodShare program.

Unfortunately for Starbs fans, there is no telling for sure whether the "Mercato" menu will make it outside Chicago (womp, womp), but the brand says they plan to eventually roll out the new lunch options nationwide. Here's hoping it happens sooner rather than later.


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