See how these favorites stack up nutrition-wise so you can chill out without filling out

By Mallory Creveling

If your mouth waters everytime you hear that sweetmelody in the distance, don'tdespair: Many ice cream cones,bars, and sandwiches can bepart of a healthy diet, saysAngela Lemond, R.D.N., aPlano, TX–based dietitian andspokesperson for the Academyof Nutrition and Dietetics."Look at the big picture anddecide how your choice fitsinto the rest of your day."For example, while higher incalories than ice pops, somedairy-containing varieties mayoffer a small dose of calciumand vitamin D. Since mostmenus don't display anynutrition info, we gathered vitalstats on six popular picks-soyou can chill out without fillingout.

Bomb Pop

Nutrition score per serving:

40 calories, 0g fat, 7g sugars


Nutrition score per serving:

40 calories, 1g fat, 2g sugars


Nutrition score per serving:

110 calories, 2g fat, 13g sugars

Ice Cream Sandwich

Nutrition score per serving:

140 calories, 3g fat, 13g sugars

Strawberry Shortcake

Nutrition score per serving:

230 calories, 10g fat, 17g sugars


Nutrition score per serving:

290 calories, 16g fat, 20g sugars



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