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Top Trainers Share What's In Their Fridge

Since personal trainers and instructors at our favorite workout studios are amazing sources of knowledge for both killer workouts and nutrition advice (and they have the bodies to prove it), we're always eager to get the inside scoop on their habits, whether it concerns what they do immediately post-workout or what's inside their gym bags.

This time, we got nosey about what they keep stocked in their refrigerators. (Want to find out the perfect foods for better performance in yoga, barre, or HIIT? See The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks for Every Workout.) We tapped experts from some of our favorite workout studios in NYC—including Brooklyn BodyBurn instructor Tracy Carlinsky, Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Rebecca KennedyY7 Studio co-founder Sarah Levey, and Fhitting Room instructor Amanda Butler—to satiate our food curiosity, and shed some light on how they power their super fit bodies. (Don't forget to check out Butler's 30-Day HIIT Challenge, designed to work your entire body in just four minutes per day!)

We found out the one vegetable they can't live without and the unhealthiest thing in their refrigerators right now to get an idea of how they stay fueled—and balanced (because as we all know, sometimes dark chocolate and wine are exactly what a girl needs). Watch the video to get some vegetable inspiration (and to feel better about the indulgences inside your fridge right now), then find out 9 of the Hardest (And Best) Exercises from Real Trainers and the 7 Things Trainers Want to Tell You But Don't.


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