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This Trick Will Change How You Eat Movie Theater Popcorn Forever


An air-conditioned theater, a great movie and a bucket of popcorn—it's escapism at its best. But can we talk about butter distribution for a second? Our butter only ever coats the top layer of the bag, leaving the rest dry and completely underwhelming. But thanks to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's ever-ingenious Titus Andromedon, we finally have a solution.

What you need: Your bag of fresh-popped corn and a straw.

What you do: Stick the plastic straw into the center of the bag of popcorn, and align the butter dispenser with the straw opening. Commence butter dispersion while moving the straw's end around the bottom and throughout your popcorn bag.

Why it works: The straw allows the butter to be distributed to the popcorn at the bottom and throughout the bag, instead of just at the top.

Ahhh, deliciously buttered popcorn. (Now if only the previews were this good...) (P.S. here's your guide for healthy movie theater snacks and the healthiest candy choices.)

This article originally appeared on PureWow.

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