The healthy grocery store you know and love might soon look a little more like your big-box chain, prices included.

By Faith Brar
Updated: April 17, 2017

Whole Foods isn't your average grocery store. Not just because of their unbelievable selection of hard-to-find local products, but also because of the steep price tag that often goes along with them. As a result, many customers have complained that "America's healthiest grocery store" simply isn't worth their "Whole Paycheck."

But it seems as though WF-lovers on a budget might soon have their prayers answered, thanks to a new effort by the company to centralize purchasing, thus making the grocery chain more 'mainstream,' the Wall Street Journal reports. The only catch? While the store will have the more affordable prices of your big-box grocer, they'll also have a more limited selection of products.

Whole Foods is currently divided into 11 regions-each responsible for buying its own niche products, including local produce. It's safe to say that this move could have a negative impact on customers who have come to love Whole Foods for just this reason.

That said, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey insists that their new strategy "strikes a balance" between offering those regional products while giving brands a central route to pitch more mainstream items on a national level. And the bottom line: "We think there are tremendous savings we can have that we can pass on to our customers with lower prices," he told the Wall Street Journal.

So fingers crossed we can soon have our (gluten-free) cake and eat it too.


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